Romantic Rendezvous at Impressions, Resorts World Manila

We celebrated Valentine’s Day in advance at Impressions, a French restaurant in Resorts World Manila. It was very timely when we went there as the restaurant offered a special four-course-dinner called Romantic Rendezvous featuring some of their best French dishes perfect for the Valentine’s occasion.

Impressions Restaurant
Valentine’s Day at Impressions Restaurant

As a couple, we make sure to go out on dates regularly. We love exploring the city and discovering romantic places to dine.

Our recent dinner date at Impressions was one for the books. The food, ambiance, and service were all outstanding. We felt like we’re the only people inside the restaurant. Amidst it all, and most importantly, we enjoyed our time together. <3

Romantic Rendezvous Starts

Impressions at Resorts World Manila
Impressions at Resorts World Manila
Sparkling Mineral Water
Sparkling Mineral Water

We started with a hearty Amuse Bouche. Technically, it’s not an appetiser but usually served complimentary and depends on the chef’s selection thus the word “amuse”. It means ‘to tease the palate’.

What was served to us was a flavorful mousse of scallops and celery crumble served with orange scented tuile and basil oil. It was a great starter, to say the least.

Amuse Bouche
The Amuse Bouche

For the actual appetizer, we had Twice Cooked Duck Liver, – poached and seared foie gras.

It came with arugula, smoked beet puree, and red onion marmalade. The ingredients complemented smoothly. We love the bitterness from the arugula, sweetness from the beet puree and the flavor of the soft foie grass.

Romantic Valentine's Day at Impressions
Twice Cooked Duck Liver

A comforting, creamy white soup of mussels and leeks, edamame and Akagai clam meat meuniere, micro salad came next.

We also learned that Akagai or surf clam is sourced from the pristine and untarnished Northern Atlantic Ocean. Add to that the soup’s appetizing aroma.

Romantic Rendezvous at Impressions, RWMCreamy Broth of Mussels & Leeks

Dinner Date Mains

Three kinds of specialty dishes are available for the main course.

For him, the tempting Slow-Roasted U.S. CAB Prime Rib (200grams) served with mashed potato, ratatouille and Yorkshire pudding and Veal Jus is the best choice.

For her, the Roasted Chilean Sea Bass would be good specially if she wants something light and refreshing.

For the more sophisticated, the Minute Marinated French Duck Breast would be the good choice.

Mr. Seats For Two chose the slow-roasted prime rib while Mrs. Seats For Two got the Chilean Sea Bass.

The former’s meat was very tender, juicy, and flavorful. It’s evenly cooked as well.

The latter, white and flaked tender meat of Chilean Sea Bass was perfect with the chive cream sauce. It comes with leek and oyster risotto and sauteed mushroom as well.

Valentine's Offering at Impressions
Roasted Chilean Sea Bass

Sweet Ending

Being sweets lovers, we always anticipate the dessert. And Impressions did not disappoint.

We were caught by surprise when they served us a small pink ball with a matching cute hammer. In an instant, the server hammered the ball and cracked it open! While the element of surprise still lingered, a light red sauce was poured over.

Romantic Rendezvous

It turns out that inside the ball are more surprises – small and bite-sized sweets and savoury appetizers called mignardises – a French word which means petit four. Add to that some dark chocolates, a macaron, and tiny gummy bears. 🙂

Cracked “Mignardises”
Mixed Berries and Dark Chocolate
Mixed Berries and Dark Chocolate

And finally, concluding our romantic Valentine’s Dinner Date is a dessert called Mixed Berries and Dark Chocolate with 70% Valrhona Gelato, chocolate soil and meringue. (photo above)

Impressions’ Valentine’s Day Romantic Rendezvous features dishes brilliantly selected by Chef Cyrille Soenen, Director of Culinary Arts. Impressions is a French restaurant located at Maxims Hotel in Resorts World Manila.

Seats For Two and Chef Cyrille Soenen
With Chef Soenen of Impressions

Please do watch the simple video we complied together for you below!

Seats For Two Valentine's Date at Impressions
Seats For Two Valentine’s Date at Impressions

Address: Maxims Hotel, Newport Blvd ewport City, Pasay, 1301 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 908 8883
Monday-Saturday 6PM–12AM
Sunday 11AM–3PM, 6–10PM

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This special French dinner will be available on Valentine’s Day only, February 14 from 6pm to 12 midnight at P3,500 per person. For bookings and reservation, you may visit Impression at Resorts World Manila 3rd floor, Maxims Hotel. Happy Valentine’s to all.

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