Chibo Okonomiyaki Premium Executive Set Meals

Okonomi mans “what you like” yaki means “grilled”. Okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese pancake made with flour, meat usually seafood, shredded cabbage, eggs, topped with Japanese mayo and sprinkled with Katsuobushi or  dried bonito flakes.

Chibo Okonomiyaki Podium
Chibo Okonomiyaki Podium

In the Philippines, you will find several Japanese restaurants serving this famous Japanese pancake, one is Chibo Okonomiyaki. Started in the 1970s in Osaka, Chibo Okonomiyaki pioneered the fusion of Okonomiyaki and Teppan which later on it turned out to be very popular in Japan and became one of the most successful okonomiyaki restaurants.

In Manila, you may find Chibo Okomiyaki restaurants located at the Podium Mall and at the 2/F of S Maison.

Recently, Chibo Okonomiyaki launched its Premium Executive Set Meals, every set comes with Japanese soup and salad.

My personal favorite is the Unagi Kabayaki Ju, a fresh water eel Japanese set marinated in a delicious sweet dark soy sauce. This heavenly rice bowl has the blend of sweetness, a bit salty, and savory. Unagi has strong distinct flavor, very tasty and mouth-watering.

Unagi Kabayaki Ju
Unagi Kabayaki Ju

Pork Ju has spinach, pork belly slices in shoyu wine sauce.

Pork Ju
Pork Ju (Php488) 

Seafood lovers will love the Mixed Seafood Ju served with Norwegian salmon, U.S. scallops, squid, and tiger prawn in salt garlic sauce.

Mixed Seafood Ju (P688)

U.S. Prime Angus Steak Ju has tender and juicy U.S. Prime Angus Steak in garlic ginger wine sauce.

U.S. Prime Angus Steak Ju
U.S. Prime Angus Steak Ju (P788) 

Hamburger Steam with Teriyaki Sauce (P488) has grated pork and beef mixed with onion, garlic, and panko flakes.

There’s also the Cheese Hamburger Steak with Teriyaki Sauce made with grated pork and beef mixed with onion, garlic, and panko flakes oozing with melted cheese.

Cheese Hamburger Steak with Teriyaki Sauce
Cheese Hamburger Steak with Teriyaki Sauce (P588)

Served in a sizzling plate, the Osaka Meal Set (P588) comes with half okonomiyaki and half yakisoba in mentaiko mayo. Serving is quite big and can be shared by two.

Osaka Meal Set
Chibo Okonomiyaki’s Osaka Meal Set

Oden Meal (P588) Grilled fish cake alongside deep-fried fish cake, konnyaku, and daikon radish in Japanese-style stew partnered with grilled salmon.

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If you love okonomiyaki then Chibo Okonomiyaki is the right place to be. Chibo Okonomiyaki offers variety of savory Japanese pancake – Negi Yaki, Mix Modern Yaki, and Chibo Okonomiyaki. Don’t forget to try one of their Executive set meals along with your favorite okonomiyaki.

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