LUZVIMINDA at F1 All Day Dining

F1 All Day Dining recently hosted a feast featuring all-time Filipino favoritesLuzviminda now on its 6th year, showcase the skills and personal recipes to create the kind of authentic Filipino cuisine that would set your palate on a journey around the Philippines.

F1 All Day Dining, LUZVIMINDA
F1 All Day Dining, LUZVIMINDA

The feast started with an entertaining folk dances by Philippine Barangay Folk Dancers. It commenced with the ribbon cutting ceremony graced by guests of honor – Roberto Francisco, Chairman of Hotel and Restaurant Chef’s Association of the Philippines, Sharwin Tee, host of Curiosity Got Chef and Jaclyn Jose, award winning TV and movie actress. They were also joined by Sabrina Artadi, Attorney Jeff Martinez and F1 Hotel Manila’s Hotel Director Cindy Brual.

Barangay Folk Dancers
Barangay Folk Dancers

This year’s celebration was led by F1 Hotel’s executive chef, Angelo “Chubby” Timban, who, together with guest chefs, AJ Reyes and Zhe Jacinto, created a memorable feast for the guests.

Chefs have their own highlighted dishes during the festivity where they exhibited their own wonderful culinary creations.

Singkamas, Talong, Sigarilyas at Mani
Singkamas, Talong, Sigarilyas at Mani
Pungko Pungko
Pungko Pungko
Tinolang Manok
Tinolang Manok ni Nanay Gueling is one of our favorites. The soup is very tasty and the chicken is tender.
Dinuguang Baboy Ramo tender pork dish that is slightly hot. Best with steamed rice.
Pocherong baka ni Ipeng
Pocherong baka ni Ipeng served in a very thick sauce.
Chicken Pyanggang
Chicken Pyanggang is a Tausug Chicken Dish. 

Chef Chubby’s delightful centerpieces were Insarabasab and Kalabasa Flan from Luzon; other regional dishes were Bulcachong and Pocherong Baka ni Tatay Ipeng in which dishes supplemented Chef Chubby’s flexibility in both creation and presentation of his expertise.

Here are some of our favorite Filipino dessert.

Kalabasa Flan
Kalabasa Flan if the best dessert that evening. It’s rich and creamy but not too sweet.
Pichi Pichi
These colorful Pichi Pichi topped with cheese is one of our all-time Pinoy favorite dessert. 
Tamales Blanca goes well with the sweet sauce.

Reserve a table at F1 All-Day Dining Restaurant in F1 Hotel Manila on their website or by calling +63 (2) 908-7888.

F1 All Day Dining
F1 All Day Dining

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Relive the memories of the past with these beloved Filipino food available at F1 All Day Dining. Satisfying your cravings for Pinoy cuisine and discover the flavors from different parts of the country.

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