SeatsForTwo Experienced the Art of Making Coffee

She loves coffee, he likes tea no doubt coffee shop has been our favorite place to hangout especially on a weekend.

Figaro High Street

Have you seen one of the branches of Figaro coffee located in Bonifacio High Street? It is one of the Figaro coffee shops with modern interiors.

Coffee 101 at Figaro
Coffee 101 at Figaro

We visited Figaro High Street to join their free latte art class one weekend. The coffee house set-up a booth just in front of the store to accommodate guests who are interested in learning latte art and who would want to experience making their own espresso using a coffee machine.

Figaro The Art of Making Coffee
Preparing steamed milk

In making good coffee, it is important to use freshly grind coffee. A pressure tamper helps pack the grounds evenly for a good espresso shot.

Espresso coffee added with steamed milk

After making an espresso shot, it’s time to prepare a frothy steamed milk. Mrs. Seats For Two would always ask for steamed milk when ordering brewed coffee.

In making latte, use one (1) shot espresso then add 6-8 ounces of steamed milk. You may opt to top it with foam for a rich and creamy latte.

Figaro coffee latte art
Adding art to coffee

For the last and final step, we made some art-deco on top of our latte. We made flowers, big and small using chocolate syrup. At first, we taught it’s difficult and we would only ruin the coffee but look at our masterpieces. Almost perfect, right?

Here’s to more cup of coffee!

Figaro Gift Packages Suggestions:

In lieu of the holiday season, Figaro coffee is also offering the “Create Your Own Holiday Gift Sets“. It’s a wonderful gift since you can customize the products you would like to send to a loved one.

Figaro coffee latte art
Coffee for you and me!

Figaro customers may choose from Package 1 (P750) which comes with a Figaro tumbler, drip coffee and brownies. You may choose from any of the three tumblers with design of Summer Breeze, Millennial Abstract or Purple Floral. For brownies, you may choose from Butterscotch Raisin Brownies or Red Velvet Chewy Brownies.

Figaro Package 1 P750: Tumbler + Coffee Drip + Brownies
Figaro Gift Suggestion

Package 2 (p710) comes with a Figaro Mug, a Dip Coffee and Brownies. Mug designs are the white barako mug & black barako mug.

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After the latte art class, we can now serve each other a good cup of latte. If not, it’s best  to just drop by any Figaro coffee for their wide range of hot and cold coffee-based beverages.

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