After-Hours Cocktails Only @ Figaro Liberty Center Makati!

For many, mornings ain’t complete without a cup of coffee. While some may want another cup to end the day, others prefers alcoholic beverages or cocktails at night. But if you’re looking for a place that serves both coffee and cocktails, then there’s Figaro Liberty Center in Makati for you!

Figaro Cocktails in Makati
Figaro Cocktails – After hours

Wine and Cocktails in a Coffee Shop?

Most Filipinos these days love casually hanging out in a coffee shop. We ourselves would spend time in a coffee shop during weekends or in between meetings on weekdays.

But our concept of the “usual” coffee shops is currently evolving with Figaro’s bold move to introduce after-hours cocktails, wine, and beers, exclusive to their Figaro Liberty Center branch in Makati City.

Figaro Coffee with cocktail bar at night
Figaro Coffee with cocktail bar (rightmost) at night
Figaro Cocktails
Figaro Cocktails

Figaro Liberty Center was able to merge both a coffee shop ambiance with a chill Friday night vibe through the colorful neon lights, modern-minimalist interiors, and of course, its coffee products and cocktail mixes.

Starting at six in the evening (or 5 pm if you push it), a corner of Figaro Liberty transforms into a bar to serve a variety of alcoholic beverages and food to match.

Nacho Overload

In our visit a few weeks ago, we started the night with some light beers and matched it with a good starter plate of nachos overloaded with cheese and a hefty set of toppings.

Moving forward, we tried some of their cocktail offerings such as the colorful Triple Shade. We then ordered the Garlic Chicken Salpicao (Php 235) and Pork and Tofu Steak.

If you’re a bit adventurous with your cocktails, please do try the Dark Knight as it’s a chocolaty drink with a dose of liquor.

Tofu and Pork Steak
Tofu and Pork Steak
Figaro Coffee Libery Makati
Garlic Chicken Salpicao (center)

You may also try the Bay Breese (P200).

For those who prefer something visually playful, try the aforementioned Triple Shade which plays with a set of colors for only Php 200.

For your wine options, Beringer Chardonnay and Sauvignon are just some of the bottles on rack while Heineken and Corona dominates the line-up of beers.

Figaro Cocktails
Figaro Cocktails

Other liquor brands include Don Papa, Patron Anejo, Jose Cuervo (gold), Absolut VodkaHennesy, Bombay Sapphire, Bacardi Gold and Superior.

Wednesday is ladies night, so take note girls!

Figaro Liberty Center Building
104 HV Dela Costa St Salcedo Village,
Makati City, Metro Manila

Dark Knight Chocolate Smoothie with vodka and cream on top
After Hours Cocktails at Figaro Liberty

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Figaro Cocktails is currently available only at Figaro Liberty Center. The company may expand this offering to other branches in the near future to serve customers who are looking for a place to chill after work hours.

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