This Coffee Shop Serves Coffee, Milk Tea, & Fruit Tea!

The craze for milk tea continues to rage on despite a lot of milk tea shops around the metro. There’s no doubt, Filipinos love their milk tea drink, Seats For Two included!

Figaro Brings Back their Milk Tea Offerings

Figaro Milk Tea
Milk Tea Goodness at Figaro Coffee Shop!

Even coffee shops are now serving milk teas, why not?  Filipino-brand coffee shop – Figaro, just brought back their milk tea and fruit tea offerings into their menu board!

So if you’re on a date and one of you wants a cup of coffee and the other is craving for milk tea, there’s a place where you can go that serves both! 🙂

And of course, you can match your milk tes with Figaro’s best-selling muffin or even an ala-carte meal!

Fruit Tea
What’s your favorite milk tea variant?

Milk-Tea For Two

Last Sunday, we went to try Figaro‘s Roasted Milk Tea with Salted Cream Cheese, the Brown Sugar Tea Latte andTropical Fruit Tea while bringing our own frosted Figaro tumblers to complete the experience! (and help save the environment too, in our own little way of reducing single-use plastics)

We started with the presumably the less sweet Roasted Milk Tea w/ Salted Cream Cheese (right cup in the photos). We liked the after-taste of roasted milk tea while a salted cream cheese topping has always been something we look forward to for its cheesy-creamy taste!

If you’re a fan of salted cream cheese like Mrs. Seats For Two then this is for you – it’s rich and creamy!

Milk Tea Cream Cheese
Roasted Milk Tea w/ Salted Cream Cheese

Next, we had the newest variant and probably one of the most talked-about milk tea variant in the market today – the Brown Sugar milk tea! Figaro come up with their own version and they call it the Brown Sugar Tea Latte (left cup in the photo above)!

The right mix of the tea latte and the generous brown sugar drizzle make this drink something to look forward to, for brown sugar milk tea lovers. The servers just need to work on their ‘tiger-sugar’ look for visual appeal.

Both milk tea beverages were served with bobba, or what is commonly referred to as ‘black pearls‘.

Figaro Coffee
Figaro Fruit Tea

As they say, but wait there’s more! We made room for a third cup with Figaro’s Fruit Tea!

Our 3rd beverage was the most refreshing in the set, as expected.It mainly incorporates passion fruit and orange in one good cold drink. It’s a  good source of vitamin C too!

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The next time you crave for milk tea, coffee, or fruit tea, feel free to visit a Figaro coffee shop nearest you! You might also want to pair your drink with any Figaro meal, pasta or sandwich! They also deliver via GrabFood.

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