Flavorful Colors of Summer @ Figaro

Summer in the Philippines continues to sizzle as the heat index goes beyond 40 degrees almost daily! And the heat calls for some refreshing drinks and light snacks!

Lately, we’ve been spending more time in coffee shops catching up work over some frappe’ and ice-blended drinks. Good thing, not too far from us is Figaro Coffee in Banawe St – the 2nd ‘Chinatown’ of Metro Manila.

Figaro Coffee Banawe
Seats For Two @ Figaro Coffee Banawe

Figaro Summer Drinks

In our recent trip to Figaro Coffee Banawe, we ordered two medium-sized Frappes – the Matcha Frappe for him and Caramel Frappe for her priced at P 145 and P 140, respectively; while both costs P 160 for the large size.

It was both our first time to try these flavors in Figaro and it did not disappoint. In fact, the Matcha beverage is not too sweet. It is velvety smooth, perhaps because it is made with premium Japanese green tea.  On the other hand, the Caramel variant was expectedly sweet.

Matcha and Caramel Frappe to beat the summer heat
Matcha and Caramel Frappe to beat the summer heat
Figaro Banawe Branch
Seats For Two at Figaro

Figaro Frappes are best paired with their pizza or the best-selling Figaro Club (clubhouse sandwhich). But we hope they would bring back the Chicken Waldorf Croissant sandwich, Mrs. Uy‘s favorite.

We also ordered some chocolate muffins and a plate of green salad for snacks. In addition, we had a cup of iced tea and lemonade (yellow cups in the background).


Interestingly, we planned well for this affair and brought our own Figaro Frosted Tumblers to intentionally showcase the lovely colors of the drinks befitting summer!

It also helps the environment through our own little way by saving from the use of disposable cups. Moreover, the Figaro drinks looks more appealing in frosted tumblers.

Lastly, this is one of the few times we did not have the whip removed; as we would usually request baristas not to add whipped cream on top.

Figaro Caramel Frappe
Figaro Matcha Frappe and Caramel Frappe for Summer

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These two Frappes we highlighted are actually not categorized under “Summer Drinks“. Neither are they a promotional offer. They are part of the regular beverage menu so there’s no fear of running out of season. Enjoy them all-year round! 🙂

Jonel & Marjorie Uy
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