Johnny Rockets Couple: Lobster & Wagyu Burger?

Yes, you read that right! For the first time, at least in my life (and my wife’s too), we saw a Wagyu Burger and a serving of lobster together as one meal – only at Johnny Rockets!

Not to say that it’s bad company, it’s just that we never thought about the two getting together beforehand. Anyhow, it’s done! 🙂

Lobster Wagyu Burger

Johnny Rockets got a little more creative in thinking of new ways to serve good burgers to their customers. With wagyu burger‘s high quality and premium taste, the idea of pairing it up with a serving of lobster is actually not a far-fetched idea.

Lobster Wagyu Burger
Lobster Wagyu Burger

The Verdict

And so it was. Seats For Two was invited to the Johnny Rockets Lobster Wagyu Burger food tasting at their Eastwood Mall branch. It was quite far from our place, albeit also in Quezon City, but we manage to turn to this side of town form time to time.

The first impression was great – it was a visual treat – the big burger is oozing with the delectable-looking grilled wagyu beef patty while half-a-lobster is waving right in front of you.

Johnny Rockets Lobster Wagyu Burger
Johnny Rockets Lobster Wagyu Burger w/ Wasabi Shake

Its other half was not so fortunate to have been chopped and mixed wonderfully like a coleslaw and placed atop the burger in between the buns.

Cross Section
Cross Section of the Patty

I had a bite of the wagyu burger first and it was good!

The second bite was able to dig in deeper and I got a full taste of the creamy grounded lobster mix right on top of it. It went very well with the wagyu beef! It was the best part for me.

The natural cut fries on the side was also crisp and good and provided that break from the wagyu-lobster tandem when you want to.

The Lobster Wagyu Burger meal was big enough to fill me up and the remaining half-lobster was a final treat. My wife was not able to finish hers for it’s sheer size so we had it to-go.

If there was anything I least like in the Lobster Wagyu Burger, it would be the plain buns. I just felt that the wagyu and the lobster was in the premium sphere and that it wouldn’t hurt if the burger buns were also at par.

But then again, overall, the meal was very good; even apart from the retro-dance performances of the crew.

Johnny Rockets Eastwood
Johnny Rockets Eastwood branch

The Price

At P900++,  this is not something you can order quite often. But you shouldn’t also expect combining Wagyu beef and lobster to go anywhere less than Php 500 or Php 600, right? So, although the P900+ price tag is a bit high, it was almost justifiable. “Almost,” because I think ordinary consumers might have a hard time swallowing that amount in one meal.

Some may even argue that you can already get a buffet meal somewhere nearby. All else said, I’d still suggest that you go and try Johnny RocketsLobstar Wagyu Burger; it’s not everyday you see the two go hand-in-hand. I say it’s worth the try at least once.

Wasabi Shake
Wasabi Shake

Wasabi Shake

Apart from their burgers, Johnny Rockets is also known for their creamy milkshakes. So although I am not a ‘wasabi‘ person, I dared try their new Wasabi Milkshake.

And so I did. As expected, anything ‘wasabi‘ is not for me. But if you are a wasabi lover, there is a high chance you would love it as it really has that ‘wasabi‘ aftertaste kick (in a good way) at the back of the throat. 🙂

Wifey & The Johhny Rockets Crew
Wifey & The Johhny Rockets Crew

Aside from the well known Truffle Burger and Surf and Turf from Johnny Rockets, you can now add this to your Johnny Rockets favorites.

They also have branches in Burgos Circle in Forbes Town Center in Taguig, Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa, East Wing of the new Shangri-La Mall, and Subic Harbor in Olongapo.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter at @JohnnyRockets01.

Prepare yourself for an all-new experience in taste with Johnny Rockets‘ newest addition to its Gourmet Burger line – the Lobster Wagyu Burger!

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