Kenny Rogers Juicy Bacon Roast

Roast Chicken wrapped in a delicious bacon with fresh herbs and spices slowly cooked to perfection, sounds gourmet dish right? Kenny Rogers recently launched its latest offering, the new Bacon Roast.

Kenny Rogers Roast Bacon
Kenny Rogers Roast Bacon

Awesome Together Animated Short Film

The newest offering in Kenny Rogers, Bacon Roast was launched together with an animated short film highlighting the #AwesomeTogether pairings of chicken and bacon.

Kenny Rogers Awesome Together Animated Story
Kenny Rogers Awesome Together Animated Story

The animation’s leading farm animal characters Sosy and Bolzi, were actually dubbed by couple celebrity Solen Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, respectively. They defy traditional family expectations and embark on an epic journey for a chance at eternal togetherness.

Kenny Rogers Roaster!
Kenny Rogers Roasters!

Director Avid Liongoren, the man behind highly acclaimed animated live-action film Saving Sally, brings the love story to life. Having a dramatic premise, Liongoren wanted to inject a sense of fun and adventure to Awesome Together.

The animated film talks about how awesome together when flavorful bacon and juicy roast chicken are combined.

Solen and Nico with Seats For Two
Solen and Nico with Seats For Two

During the launch, they invited couples and pairs in a fun game. Seats For Two was one of the contestants. The game was simple, we just had to say “Awesome Together” longer. We won but that’s not the end of the game, we also had to compete with Kenny Rogers’ ambassadors Solen and Nico. It was fun, we were amazed how down to earth they are especially Nico.

Meals for Two!

Bacon Roast Plates

Roast Bacon is bursting with flavors, crispy and tender, a perfect meal whether for lunch of supper. The Bacon Roast is wrapped with bacon and slowly roasted to come up with a scrumptious treat.

You can order the new Bacon Roast as part of a meal called “Solo B” consisting of a quarter chicken, 2 side dishes, rice, and a muffin! The Bacon Roast Solo costs P255.

Kenny Rogers Bacon Roast Solo
Kenny Rogers Bacon Roast Solo Meal with choice of side dish and muffin

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Seats For Two at Kenny Rogers Ayala Mall 30th
Kenny Rogers Ayala Mall 30th

Aside from the new bacon roast, we also like Kenny Rogers’ Healthy Plates with grilled fish and steamed vegetables as well as the Classic Healthy Plates.  They also deliver just visit their website at or call 555-9000. The Kenny Rogers Bacon Roast might be available for a limited time only so be sure to visit the nearest store soon!

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