Feature: King Sue’s Sweet Success Story

The Christmas Ham have been part of many Filipino’s Christmas tradition in the Philippines. You’d almost always find a variant of these hams, also known as Sweet Ham.

One of the more famous sweet hams in the Philippines is the King Sue Sweet Ham. But did you know that King Sue has a special story behind it’s well-known brand?

King Sue Ham
Some of King Sue Products

King Sue’s Sweet Success Story

Now on its 85th year, King Sue has emerged from its humble beginnings back in the 1930s to become a sought-after staple on the Filipino table

Perseverance and persistence make for an unbeatable recipe for success, as recounted by the heirs of the company’s patriarch Mr. Cu Un Kay, a native of Fookien, China. As a young man, he travelled to Manila with dreams of starting his own business. He sought an uncle who owned a cold storage facility in old Echague.

As fate would have it, he met a German national who taught him how to cure meats like hams and cold cuts. With his newly acquired techniques, Mr. Cu Un Kay started his own processed meat business with just an aluminum cauldron and three adobe stones. Eventually, he perfected what was to become the company’s premiere product offering – the Chinese Bone-in Ham.

Cu Un Kay
Photo shows Cu Un Kay (right), King Sue founder with his wife, Lao Tiong.jpg

85 Years and Counting

What began as a small enterprise was incorporated as King Sue Ham & Sausage Co., Inc. in 1970 by Mr. Cu Un Kay’s 10 children. The corporate name reflects the family’s origins – “King” which is the family’s surname and “Sue” from the Fookien term Su-weh which means small.

Little did they know that the small family business will thrive and prosper through the years. It has grown into a successful company with corporate clients like restaurant chains, hotels and resorts, caterers and food cart operators aside from supermarkets and groceries.

While staying true to its tradition of providing products of high quality and great taste, the company has integrated high-technology and production innovation.  King Sue maintains its market-versatility of enabling adjustment and customization of meat cuts and meat products based on the specific requirements of its corporate clients, ensuring consistency, freshness and professional grade products by using hi-technology automated slicers, chopping and dicing machines, frozen block meat flakers, thermoforming machines and vacuum machines to keep the products fresh.

King Sue Pina Ham
King Sue’s Pina Ham
King Sue Philippines
This is where it started – King Sue’s old building

Strength and Longevity

The strength and longevity of the King Sue brand can be attributed first to its dedicated owners whose passion for the business never wavered even when faced with challenges.

King Sue then managed to fit into the evolving Filipino tastes, preferences and style of eating.

Take for example its cold cut products salami, spiced ham and pepperoni and frozen products like bacon and burgers, which are ubiquitous items in family breakfast tables and as baons of kids, students and office workers.

King Sue Bone-in Ham
King Sue’s popular Chinese-Ham-Bone-In 2015.jpg

Meanwhile, its Filipino favorites such as sisig, tocino and corned beef are among the tastiest and most convenient dishes of choice come lunch or dinnertime.

With food and family taking centerstage on Christmas and New Year, King Sue hams (Chinese Bone-in, Sweet, Piña, Pear-shaped and Hawaiian) are staples in the grocery list of moms who want to serve premium quality hams.

Likewise, its tasty Chorizo Bilbao, and gourmet sausages make for tasty accompaniments and as high-quality ingredients in Holiday special dishes.

King Sue Hams
King Sue Hams & Cold Cuts

King Sue Ham
Telephone: +632.881-0530, 364-5430, 376-6441
Mobile: +639199889642
Email: sales@kingsue.com
Website: www.kingsue.com
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter : @KingSueHam

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