Man Ho Manila’s Chinese New Year Menu

Advance Happy Chinese New Year! Some of us would probably celebrate this special occasion in a Chinese restaurant with our family along Binondo in Manila. But for those who are searching for a luxurious and elegant place to welcome the ‘Year of the Rooster‘, the new Man Ho Manila restaurant located at the newly opened West Wing of  Marriott Manila, is a good choice to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Man Ho Manila's Chinese New Year Menu
Man Ho Manila‘s Chinese New Year Menu

This 2017, Man Ho offers the Prosperity and Good Fortune lunch and dinner sets.

We liked a lot of things about the restaurant; from the wall decor to their tablewares. The lovely lazy susan as well as the classic and elegant serving plates got our attention. Moreover, Man Ho‘s hotel-quality service left nothing more to be desired.

Man Ho Chinese New Year Prosperity Lunch

Man Ho Prosperity Lunch Set

Here’s what we had from our Prosperity Lunch Set a couple of days ago. We started with a set of marinated black fungus and marinated raddish. Both cold dishes were refreshing and prepared us for the big meal ahead.

Next came the assorted barbecued meat combi-suckling-pig which was already good as a main dish even by itself.

Seats For Two loved the ‘lechon‘ (suckling pig) part. 🙂

Assorted Barbecued Meat Combi Suckling Pig
Marinated Raddish
Marinated Black Fungus

Not to be missed in any traditional Chinese lauriat set is the soup. We had a Braised Fish Lip Soup Sea Cucumber with Black Mushroom.

The long name is justified by the taste, so you wouldn’t mind. Fish lips? It sounds and tastes as interesting as well. 🙂

Braised Fish Lip Soup Sea Cucumber Black Mushroom

For the main dishes, we started with the Sauteed Clam Meat Sliced Chicken Chili Sauce. We appreciated the tenderness of the clam and the sliced chicken, specially that of the former, which is a rarity

Welcoming the ‘Year of the Rooster’ is a delicious Deep Fried Golden and Crispy Chicken. Moreover, the stir fried Kai Lan in ginger sauce and Steamed Live Garoupa are noteworthy.

The fish was served in a big plate, de-boned and served right in front of us.Needless to say, the steamed garoupa was very fresh and flavorful.

Sauteed Clam Meat Sliced Chicken Chili Sauce
Deep Fried Crispy Chicken by Man Ho
Stir Fried Kai Lan Ginger Sauce
Kai Lan Ginger Sauce
Steamed Live Garoupa

Like most Chinese lunch or dinner, rice is usually served at the end of the meal, before the dessert.


It’s done for guests to enjoy the flavors of the dishes. We had Fujian style fried rice.

Fried rice Fujian style
Fried rice Fujian style

More Photos


This private room can accommodate about 20 guests. We also discussed about the upcoming Miss Universe promotions at Marriott. If you’re dropping by Marriott Manila anytime soon, please do drop by the bakery and get this decadent Marriott Tiara cake specially made for Miss Universe 2017 in Manila.

Striking a pose while enjoying the Chinese Lunar New Year lunch.

Man Ho at Marriott Manila
Man Ho at Marriott Manila
Marriott Cafe Miss Universe Tiara Cake

Chinese Sweets

To welcome the prosperous new year and end a wonderful lunch, we were served with three kinds of desserts – steamed custard bun with egg yolk, red beans cream dumpling and coconut pudding with red beans.

Steamed Custard Bun with Egg Yolk
Red Beans Cream Dumpling
Man Ho Restaurant
Seats For Two at Man Ho Manila
Seats For Two at Man Ho Manila

Man Ho Manila
West Wing, Marriott Manila
2 Resorts Drive, Pasay City, Manila, Philippines

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Man Ho’s Chinese Lunar New Year Good Fortune Menu is good for 5 persons at Php 18,888++ and Php 36,888++ for 10 pax. Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

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