Going Meat-Free on a Casual Date

Being married doesn’t mean you stop dating, right? You should still be able to find time for each other and find yourselves dating as a couple. It doesn’t always have to be a grand dinner date nonetheless; casual ones would also be appreciated by your partner.

Meatless Casual Date

So we found ourselves on an impromptu casual date earlier today at Figaro Coffee in Trinoma. It was lunch time so we ordered full meals but we decided to try going meatless for a change; it’s also the Lent season. Although we aren’t Catholics, neither are we vegetarians in any level. But going meatless from time to time can be healthy too, giving our pork and beef cravings a rest.

Casual Date
Meat-Free Casual Date for Lent

It’s good that we ended up at Figaro who have a good list of meatless options such as a variety of salads, meat-free pasta, and fish-based set meals. among others.

The wifey ordered the Lemon Butter Fish Fillet while the hubby got Dory Provencal. And as a couple, we shared a serving of the Greek Salad which has a flavorful feta cheese.

Lent Food
Lent Options @ Figaro Coffee

For starters, the mixed greens of the Greek Salad came with cubes of soft feta cheese and basic vinaigrette. It sounds as simple as it looks, and taste the same as well. But it’s the Greek salad’s simplicity which makes the goodness of the feta cheese come out.

Greek Salad
Greek Salad with Feta Cheese

For the mains, hubby’s Dory Provencal  is composed of a huge serving of pan-fried Dory fish fillet infused with provencal sauce. It is paired with options for pasta arrabiata and sided with green salad all in one plate. It also comes with a choice of iced tea or brewed coffee.

Dory Provencal
Figaro’s Dory Provencal

Lastly, wifey’s Lemon Butter Fish Fillet is actually part of the recently launched Executive Lunch Sets which is available all throughout the day.

One of the four sets, the Lemon Butter Fish Fillet is also composed of a pan-fried Dory fish fillet, but this time, seasoned with lemon, salt & pepper, and topped with lemon butter sauce, hence the name. It comes with a cup of Jasmin rice and sided with carrots and green peas. It is a complete meal in itself as it comes with a glass of lemonade and a handy salted caramel custard for dessert.

Lemon Butter Fish Fillet
Lemon Butter Fish Fillet (Executive Lunch Sets)

Going meat-free this Lent can get to some using-to specially for those who are not traditionally into it like us. But this rare engagement of going meatless with Figaro’s Lent-ready dishes is a welcome experience for both of us. 🙂

Meat-Free Lent
Going Meat-Free @ Figaro Coffee

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How about you, what are your plans for this Lenten season with your special someone of loved ones?

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