Our Joy Ride on Independence Day

When was the last time you visited Rizal monument in Luneta Park? It’s been years since the last time we visited this historical site in Manila. We were happy that finally we found time to go back just in time for the celebration of 119th Philippine Independence Day.

JoyRide Bus by Nutri Asia in Luneta
JoyRide Bus by Nutri Asia in Luneta

Joy Ride by NutriAsia is a food truck that brings variety of flavors on the road. NutriAsia is one of the leading producers and distributors of quality sauces and condiments in the country. Moms, wives, and those who simply love cooking are familiar with products like Datu Puti, Mang Tomas sarsa, UFC ketchup and a lot more.

Datu Puti
Datu Puti by NutriAsia

We did not mind the scorching heat of the sun because we had the LOCALLY refreshingfirst quirky Filipino juice line made with uniquely indigenous local flavors such as mangosteen, calamansi, dalandan and tamarind. The Joy Ride bus serves AdoBurrito cooked in Datu Puti soy sauce and vinegar; Siga Bagnet wrap, fried chicken slider prepared and cooked with UFC ketchup, Big Crunch in BBQ and Datu Puti sauces; skinny chix fried in Golden Fiesta cooking oil and Big Crunch breading.

According to Dang de Leon, corporate marketing consultant at Nutri-Asia Inc., the food truck goes around the metro serving re-imagined local food fare. “We tweak classic Pinoy comfort food to make the taste more appealing to millennials,” she explains, saying that the brand has partnered with GalaStars Culinary, which is headed by renowned chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, “because they know what young people want.”


LOCALLY Pinoy fruit juices
JoyRide Bus in Luneta
where to go? Katipunan, Cubao, BGC or MRT?

JoyRide bus distributed NutriAsia’s newest products, Big Crunch Fry & Shake. It’s a breading in different variants: Sour Cream & Onion mix, Cheese mix and Smoked BBQ flavor mix.

Kalesa in Luneta Park
Kalesa in Luneta Park
199th Philippine Independence Day
Mr. SeatsForTwo at Rizal Monument

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Watch for the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia, which started rolling out in Metro Manila this month, serving people at food parks, employees of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, and customers at bazaars, events, and universities.

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