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Music and coffee come together. The same with books and coffee. But how about gadgets and coffee? Recession Coffee by Digital Walker brings them together by opening a coffee shop inside a gadget and accessory store. This coffee shop offers Espresso-based and Single Origin coffee, cakes and pastries. What makes Recession Coffee unique from other coffee shops is the concept of “pay what you want in every cup of coffee“.

Recession Coffee by Digital Walker
Recession Coffee by Digital Walker

At Recession Coffee you can purchase a cup of coffee and pay it how much you want. Your cup will also get a price badge to poke fun at just how much cash is received. If you give an amount greater than Php 200 you might receive a marriage proposal, or contribute Php 50 and be mistaken for someone in between jobs. So how much are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee?

Cafe Latte Iced
Cafe Latte Iced

I tried the YKW Signature Blend, smooth and bold iced cafe latte. It goes well with every bite of fluffy muffin and lechones (lechone + scones). Hubby had Flat White and Honey Ombre cake.

Desserts at Recession Coffee
Desserts at Recession Coffee – Lechones and Honey Ombre 

Recession offers pour-over, hand-brewed coffee. They serve Ethiopa Sidamo, Kenya Wakulim and Panama Carmen Estate.

While enjoying a cup of coffee, we went around Digital Walker and check the latest gadget accessories. Hubby bought me an Momax iPad Air casingWe also found a nice smartphone for his Asus Zenfone.

Digital Walker
Digital Walker

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Recession Coffee
4th Floor, Eastwood Mall
Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City,
Quezon City

The next time you’re in Eastwood, drop by Recession Coffee by Digital Walker “pay what you want” for a cup of coffee. What do you think of Recession Coffee? How much are you willing to pay for a cup of smooth and rich coffee?

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