Our Coffee Journey @ the 1st Starbucks Coffee Festival PH

We heeded the call of coffee and visited Starbucks Philippines’ 1st Coffee Festival which started yesterday, April 2, 2016 at Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City.

In a recent feature-announcement of the Starbucks Coffee Festival in NomNom Club:

This two-day coffee exploration event showcases the world of coffee, featuring everything you can possibly know about the world’s most popular beverage, from its history to the world’s renowned coffee-growing regions, types of coffee beansto the processing methods and down to the Starbucks Roast.

Starbucks Coffee Festival Philippines
We hope you love our Coffee Journey in photos!

Our coffee journey at the Starbucks Coffee Festival started with a brief history of coffee, coffee regions, and the Starbucks roasting spectrum. There were also demonstrations of home brewing and of course, coffee tasting including that from Starbucks Reserve.

Here are some snaps from the Starbucks Coffee Festival and happy faces after a fresh sip of brewed coffee.

Starbucks Philippine
Starbucks Philippines @ Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Coffee Map
Marjorie w/ Coffee Map: So where do we start Mr. Barista?
Kaldi Coffee
Jonel: Are these coffee trees edible? 😉 ; Did you know that ‪‎Kaldi‬ the kambing (beside me, not me) discovered the 1st ‪coffee‬ beans in A.D.800 in Ethiopia?
COFFEE ART (Apr 2,1-4pm – Live Chalk-Art Demo by Mr. JayR Eusebio; Apr 3,4-6pm – Live Coffee Painting by Ms. Ella Hipolito, Coffee Artist
Arabica Robusta
Arabica vs Robusta
Which COFFEE REGION are you from?
Coffee Roasting
Coffee Roasts
Starbucks Coffee
Heighten you “nutty” senses!
Home Brew
Let’s do some “Home Brew” !

Filipinos are learning to appreciate the diverse world of coffee. Our goal in staging our very first Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival is to help coffee enthusiasts better appreciate the story and the art that goes into every cup, from the bean to the region where the coffee bean grew to the brewing process to the preparation of the beverage. So much goes into one cup of Starbucks coffee and we know that with appreciation, the beverage itself tastes better as the coffee drinker is better able to appreciate coffee as more than just a beverage,” said Keith Cole, head of marketing for Rustan Coffee Corporation (Starbucks Philippines).

Starbucks Coffee Festival Philippines 2016
Top view of the Starbucks Coffee Festival Philippines 2016
StarbucksPH Darkest Roast >> French Roast
Starbucks Philippines Coffee Festival 2016
Starbucks Philippines Coffee Festival 2016
Starbucks Coffee Festival 2016
Join the last day of this “Coffee Appreciation Festival” today!
Starbucks Reserve
Starbucks Reserve
Starbucks Explorer Kit
Participants who complete the journey (first 500 /day) also gets to take home an all-original Starbucks Explorer Kit
Starbucks Explorer Kit
Certified “Coffee Explorers“! <3
Starbucks Coffee Festival
A Delightful Pursuit of All Things Coffee

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You can still join Day 2 of the Starbucks Coffee Festival today – April 3, 2016 – and enjoy your coffee weekend!

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