Coffee Pairing Ideas from Tim Hortons

If there’s wine pairing for wine connoisseur, then there’s also coffee pairing for coffee lovers. Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee chain brand spotlights everyone’s favorite morning brew in an afternoon coffee trivia quiz to promote and celebrate coffee. 

Tim Hortons' Iced Latte
Iced Coffee + Grilled Cheese Panini

“We have always been known for our fresh sandwiches and baked goods and of course, our great coffee,” said Stephanie Guerrero marketing director of Tim Hortons® Philippines. “For this month, we want to highlight the expertise that come with every cup of coffee Tim Hortons® serves. Our coffee lineup will be the perfect companion to give you a boost throughout the day,” Guerrero added.

Tim Hortons offers a whole ‘latte flavors’ to choose from to liven up your day with latte made from premium espresso or in its signature flavors of Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel and Hazelnut.We started with a smooth medium and balanced blend of Tim Hortons® Original Blend Coffee made from expertly roasted 100% Arabica beans.

The barista offered Tim Hortons’ Double Double, it has two creams and two sugar with option of hot or iced. Mrs. Seats For Two opted for hot double double. It has the rich and smooth blend, best of all it’s not too sweet.

Best paired with plain donut or TimBits but we also find it good with any kind of savory food and sandwiches.

Tim Hortons Double Double
Tim Hortons Double Double

As early as September, you can even feel the Christmas season at Tim Hortons with its delightful beverages such as the Red Velvet Latte. Paired it with TH fritters for a sweet surprise.

Tim Hortons Red Velvet Latte
Red Velvet Latte

For iced cold coffee lovers, Tim Hortons says it’s also great with any kind of sandwiches such as the ciabatta.

Ciabatta and Tim Hortons Latte
Ciabatta and Tim Hortons Latte

Tim Hortons makes sure to deliver high-quality coffee-based drinks to its customers. Its bean-to-cup process begins with coffee beans sourced from the best coffee growing regions, which are then roasted and blended to perfection using a recipe known only to four people in the world.

A global team of experts also taste-test 500 cups per day to ensure Tim Hortons® coffee’s taste and quality is consistent worldwide. With the work and care that goes into every cup of your favorite Tim Hortons® coffee drink, you know that you get the best quality with every sip. It’s no wonder Canada’s Favorite Coffee is fast becoming a staple for coffee-lovers in the Philippines.

Tim Hortons Muffins
Tim Hortons Muffins

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Overall it was an amazing experience, learning a lot more about coffee. How about you, what’s your favorite beverage from Tim Hortons?

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