Our TOP 5 PICKS for Ultimate Taste Test 2015!

NomNom Club recently shared the Ultimate Taste Test 2015 announcement last week. The foodie event, organized by the Our Awesome Planet team led by top food and travel blogger Anton Diaz was successfully completed yesterday in Glorietta, Makati City.


And of course, this foodie couple was there for  Seats For Two!

Ultimate Taste Test 2015
Marjorie & Jonel of Seats For Two @ The Ultimate Taste Test 2015

We heard people were already in line when it opened at 11am. And when we arrived by 12 noon, it was already jam-packed! There were 49 food booths from savoury dishes, to sweet desserts, to the pleasantly unusual and creative ones. 🙂

In our younger years, we used to scour through all the booths in search for the best dishes completing 51 out of the 51 food booths way back in 2011! But this time around, we were only able to visit 42 of the 49.

Choco Liquor Cakes
Celebrity-Entrepreneur Maricar Reyes at her Choco Liquor Cakes booth!
Croquettes de Pollo (Chicken Croquettes) from Tarlaquena
Manila Creamery
Manila Creamery (our girl foodie friends said ‘yummy’ din daw!) *wink 😛

In foodie fashion, the Ultimate Taste Test also empowers the crowd to be food critics for a day by giving them score cards for each of the booths. “1” is the lowest and “5” is the highest grade.

Here, we’re sharing our Top 5 Booths who got perfect “5“s from the palates of Seats For Two couple foodies Jonel Uy and Marjorie Uy (in no particular order):

  • Tarlaquena – for their flavorful Callos and crisp-right Croquettes de Pollo (Chicken Croquettes)!

    Tarlaquena Catering
    Tarlaquena Catering
  • Bakmi Nyona – for their awesome Indonesian noodles new to our tastebuds.

    Bakmi Nyonya
    Bakmi Nyonya
  • Kumori Japanese Bakery – for the sweet but light quality desserts.

    Kumori Japanese Cakes
    Kumori Japanese Cakes
  • Beignet by Kapeng Mainit – for their yummy green-tea-cream-filled french doughnuts! We’ve go to  try the chocolate-filled ones soon!

    Kapeng Mainit
    Beignet” by Kapeng Mainit
  • Fisher Farms, Inc. – for their boneless bangus and sausage bangus! Extra rice, please! We actually have Fisher Farms products at home so we know they’re already good.

    Fisher Farms
    Fisher Farms

Special mention goes to Hummus Elijah and The Beef Barn who also got “5“s from us.

The Beef Barn
The Beef Barn‘s Roast Beef is very good!
Hummus Elijah
From Hummus Elijah

More Photos from #UTT2015 in Glorietta:

Our Awesome Planet
Our Awesome Planet Mobile App Booth
Pizza + Popsicle = Pizzacle!
Glorietta Activity Center
Glorietta Activity Center in Makati
Portobello Bakery
Portobello Bakery‘s Quezo De Bola Ensaymada (upper left) which is also noteworthy and joined by more desserts from Kumori
Spanky Enriquez
With the energetic whole-day host Spanky Enriquez
Anotn Diaz
Anton Diaz Thanksgiving Speech with Family
Ultimate Taste Test 2016
See you at the Ultimate Taste Test 2016 !
San Miguel Lifestyle Brews
Cheers & Congrats to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews for the successful #UTT2015

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So if you missed the Ultimate Taste Test 2015, Google is your friend, and you can surely find them online via their website or Facebook Pages. Stay tuned to Our Awesome Planet as well, I’m sure our Top 5 Picks have a high chance of making it in Anton Diaz‘s feature list as well. 🙂

Jonel & Marjorie Uy
Mr. & Mrs. Jonel & Marjorie Uy are the blogger couple 'seated' behind SeatsForTwo.com, Know more about her at LivingMarjorney.com and him at BloggerManila.com

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