Seats For Two at Spiral Manila

I’m not fond of buffet because I only consume so much in a meal. Don’t get me wrong, I can eat a lot too, but not all at the same time. 🙂 On the other hand, hubby Jonel is a different story, specially when at Spiral of Sofitel Manila.

Spiral Sofitel Manila
Spiral, Sofitel Manila

However,there’s something in a buffet that we definitely share in common , something we can’t resist – desserts!

The 4th Monthsary Dinner Buffet

Our 4th monthsary was celebrated at Spiral Manila. It’s  a chic dining buffet located at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. This is my second time in Spiral while Jonel had been there a number of times already.

Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza
Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

It was early dinner when we arrived at the restaurant and I was observant as to how the staff served the customers this was just my second time.

We were ushered by a friendly staff to a table in between two sofas that could accommodate two persons on each side. Later on, another staff came and served us bread with two kinds of spread.

Seats For Two at Spiral
Complimentray Bread

For starters, we got a tall glass of Strawberry shake. Then, we headed to the section where Japanese dishes were prepared. There were hot Japanese dishes such as sukiyaki, tempura and teppanyaki; a mouthwatering line of sushi, and maki too!

Japanese Atelier
Japanese Atelier
Sukiyaki was a good choice
Sushi Maki
Sushi and Maki are love.

The Cheese Room

After the first round of Japanese dishes, Jonel briefly visited the cheese room where the cheeses and cured meats can be found. On the other hand,  I explored the chocolate section.

Cheese Room
The Cheese Room at Spiral
More cheese at Spiral
More Cheese!
Cured Meat at the Cheese Room
Cured Meat
More Cured Meat
More Cured Meat

Chocolates and candy lovers will be delighted to see truffles, candies and the gummy candies located right beside the dessert section in addition to the chocolate variants and cakes.


We also tried some pasta and pizza. I super love the one in the small cup. It has turkey meat generously filling the mashed potato. I just can’t remember the name! 🙂

And as expected, dessert immediately followed his itinerary where his targets were the ice cream and sorbet options. In a buffet, Jonel takes on selected main dishes followed by some desserts in several cycles – that’s how he do it. 😛

Ice Cream & Sorbet
Ice Cream & Sorbet

Of course, we’ll not let the night pass without visiting the Filipino atelier…. we had some Adobo, Kare-Kare and healthy vegetables.

Filipino section, adobo
Filipino Ateliers: Adobo
Filipino section, Kare-Kare
Filipino section, Kare-Kare

Next up were some Chinese delicacies. By this time, I think we’re full already, but still managed to consume some more.

Chinese Section: Spiral
Chinese Delicacies
Dessert Section, Spiral
Dessert Section, Spiral

Half For You, Half For Me

Half Plates

We’re fond of sharing plates and food. Jonel usually gets the whole serving and eat half leaving the remaining half  for me. This works well for both of us since I can’t consume large servings.

There are times I post half-eaten food photos on my Instagram which I find cute. 🙂

There was once when a blogger friend noticed us when were exchanging plates. She said it was kind’of sweet.


Buchi, anyone? It’s one of his favorites Chinese desserts.

Colorful Pinoy Rice Cakes
Colorful Pinoy Rice Cakes
Bibingka at Spiral

Balikbayans can get their dose of Filipino delicacies such as sapin-sapin, palitaw and biko. These are just some Pinoy favorites which they usually miss while they are away. Hmm, I myself am craving for some sapin-sapin as I write this post.

Spiral Buffet
Our next plates consists of smaller portions – about a spoonful of glass noodles and three pieces of pork.

And then there’s room for another round of ice cream! I think it was our third cup of ice cream with three flavors each.

Spiral Sofitel Manila
Apart from the food, Spiral’s interior and design would surely strike your visual appetite as well.
Seafood Spread
Seafood Spread
Garden Salad
Garden Salad

I love their truffles too! It was the best chocolate truffles I had. The rich dark chocolate was a runaway winner.

Surprise Cake

Spiral Manila Buffet
Spiral Manila Buffet

Our evening was capped with a surprise complementary cake from Sofitel. The staff in charge heard that we were celebrating something and I said it was our 4th monthsary as husband and wife.

When he came back, he was holding a lovely cake!

A Monthsary Cake from Spiral
Our Monthsary Cake from Spiral
Spiral Manila Buffet Price
Although a buffet at Spiral commands a price tag of more than P2000 per person, you know that you’re getting quality food and good service.

Sofitel Manila

The service was outstanding. The food was fantastic. We went home so full and happy. Spiral is indeed a buffet worth recommending. You will definitely enjoy a wide array of scrumptious dishes and delicious desserts. In addition, the Thai section, bread station, fresh fruits, and seafood section, among the 21 ateliers, await hungry Spiral customers.

Sofitel offers a wide array of international cuisine and freshly cooked dishes from the 21 well-represented ateliers. They offer one of the widest, if not the widest, selection of buffet in the country. Sofitel is located at the ground floor of Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

Sofitel Manila
Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel:(+632) 551-5555

Thank you Spiral Manila, you made our monthsary extra-special!


Marjorie Uy
Marjorie Uy is the wifey in the tandem. She is passionate about food, recipes, cook books and dessert is her favorite part of the meal! She's a coffee person. She loves to cook and has collected recipe books for more than 15 years now; the latest is entitled "Everything Peanut Butter" Jonel gave her on their wedding day. She used to work as a Civilian Nurse in a military hospital and as NCLEX Coach for a U.S based company. Today, she's a full-time housewife and blogging become her hobby.

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