5 Reasons to Visit Starbucks Reserve in the Philippines

Starbucks Reserve was formally launched in the Philippines a few weeks ago in a simple but symbolic gathering of coffee enthusiasts, media , and bloggers. It was held in no less than the newest Starbucks Reserve branch – the new Starbucks Reserve Signa.

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Launch
Starbucks Reserve Coffee Launch

So what is “Starbucks Reserve” anyway? Starbucks Reserve is a category of ultra‐premium,  exotic, rare and exquisite coffees that Starbucks offer. Know more details about Starbucks Reserve in my earlier article.

The ceremony started with a brief background on the concept of Starbucks Reserve by no less than the company executives. This was followed by a live demonstration of the new Clover Brewing System, and of course the coffee tasting immediately right after. The new food items were also offered in a buffet table.

5 Reasons to Visit Starbucks Reserve

And so now, why should you visit a Starbucks Reserve store anyway?

Here are 5 significant reasons on why coffee connoisseurs shoudl visit a Starbucks Reserve branch immediately:

  1. There is only one (1) Clover Brewing System machine in the Philippines

      Among the finest coffee preparations including the traditional French coffee press and pour over, the Clover Brewing System deserves another significant spot.
      It is a coffee brewing system that uses an innovative Vacuum‐Press technology where a stainless steel filter lowers into the brew chamber and then hot water is added at a precise temperature to brew your coffee in front of you for an ideal length of time.
      The Clover Brewing System controls brew time and temperature as a thermal blanket surrounds the brew chamber to keep water within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the ideal temperature.
    Starbucks Reserve Signa Residences
    Starbucks Reserve Signa Residences
      After the coffee brews, it is pulled through a 70‐micron filter. The resulting grounds are pushed out of the top of the machine.
      The coffee itself flows into your cup – hot, aromatic and amazingly flavorful. We’re pretty sure it will be the finest cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.
  2. There are two (2) new Starbucks Reserve Featured Coffees

        Starbucks features two new Starbucks Reserve coffees in the Philippines namely the Starbucks Reserve Malawi Peaberry Sable Farms and Starbucks Reserve Peru Chonti.
    Starbucks Reserve
    Starbucks Reserve
    Starbucks Reserve Coffee Malawi
    Starbucks Reserve Coffee Malawi
      The former is Starbucks’ third single‐origin offering from Malawi, a country with one of the smallest coffee yields in East Africa. It embodies hand‐selected peaberries from three lush parcels of land cultivated by Sable Farms. Dense and uniform in size, they roast more evenly delivering deep, concentrated flavors.
      The Starbucks Reserve Peru Chonti, on the other hand, is from northern Peru where small farms of Aladino Delgado and Wilder Garcia collaborate to produce this exquisitely layered coffee.
  3. There are three (3) new scones in the food item list exclusive to Starbucks Reseve

      • The Blueberry Scone, Apple Cinnamon Scone, and the Black Pepper & Cheese Scone are the three new scones that would try to satisfy your cravings for scones.
    Black Pepper & Cheese Scone
    Black Pepper & Cheese Scone
    • The first is a light, buttery and moist scone loaded with blueberries. The second one is a delicious moist and buttery scone bursting with sweet cinnamon apples. The last one is my favorite – a savory and sweet moist scone flavored with cheese and freshly cracked pepper for a touch of spice.
  4. I have four (4) new highly-recommended Starbucks food items.

    Italian Garlic Cream Cheese on Multi-Grain Bread
    I usually frequently order the multi-grain bagel, so you can consider this pumped-up version infused with honey then smeared with flavored cream cheese with Italian seasoning and roasted garlic. It’s a chewy bagel spread with delicious decadent flavored cream cheese. Healthy and yummy!

    Chocolate Caramel Tart
    This is for the dessert lover like me! The decadent chocolate tart shell is further filled with rich, buttery caramel and topped with chocolate ganache and white chocolate hearts. Enough said.

    Starbucks Reserve New Food Items
    Starbucks Reserve New Food Items

    Hazelnut Praline Éclair
    Truly indulgent, this mouthful pastry is oozing with creamy and velvety chocolate hazelnut cream custard. Best paired with a hot afternoon tea over chit-chat. There are two more eclairs: the Salted Caramel Eclair and White Chocolate Vanilla Eclair

    Granole Cheese Muffin
    This  cream-cheese-filled muffin is made even better with crunchy granola on top. Choose your favorite Starbucks Reserve Coffee and pair it with this. There are two more new muffins: the Double Chocolate Muffin and Carrot Muffin.

  5. Starbucks Reserve Coffees are available exclusively at only five (5) Starbucks stores in the Philippines. They are:

    • Starbucks Tomas Morato, Quezon City
    • Starbucks Eight Forbestown, Burgos Circle, Taguig City
    • Starbucks Keyland Centre, Makati City
    • Starbucks Central Square, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City
    • Starbucks Signa Designer Residences, Makati City
      Starbucks Reserve Signa
      Starbucks Reserve Signa in Makati

      Starbucks Reserves Philippines
      Starbucks Reserves Philippines
Clover Brewing System
Clover Brewing System

Of course, Starbucks Philippines is just starting, expect more and more similar stores to pop up around Metro Manila and eventually the whole Philippines.


Have you visited any of the 5 Starbucks Reserve branches? If so, feel free to share your insights or experiences in our comment section below.

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