Revisiting Fiesta Filipino Food Heritage


'Heritage' is defined by as 'something that is handed down from the past, as a tradition...' This was quite what we recently experienced in the launch of The Heritage Hotel Manila's "Fiesta Filipino" Buffet. 3797

Filipino Goodness at Serye Restaurant

Seats For Two at Serye Sucat

Seats For Two traveled South to visit a newly renovated Filipino restaurant in Sucat, Paranaque. From outside, you would think it's a Spanish restaurant and may look intimidating meaning, expensive. But no, the menu price starts from P175. Enjoy classic bibingka for meryenda for only P135.  3093

Dinner For Two At Redd Restaurant


We love the fusion of modern interior and quirky pieces at Redd restaurant in Prism Plaza. What sealed a great dining experience was the glorious meat we had such as Kare-Kare trio, Pork Binagoongan and Kansi. 3009

Master Garden Restaurant In Malabon

Binagoongan Ala Malabon

The home of Pansit Malabon, patis, and delicacies such as puto and ensaymada - Malabon City - is also known for good Filipino restaurants! Seats For Two recently visited Master Garden Malabon, a family restaurant that offers well-loved Filipino favorites. 2251

First Time at KaLui, Puerto Princesa

The Famous Ka Lui Restaurant in Puerto Princesa

Last summer, SeatsForTwo together with Team Air Asia Philippines, US AIDE, Palawan Tourism council and selected travel bloggers visited the world's best island, Palawan for a four-days familiarization tour. Included in our itinerary was dining at the famous KaLui restaurant. 1438