Discovering Blue Palawan in Puerto Princesa

Our recent trip to Palawan came out of the ‘blue‘, if I may say. It is one of those sudden notifications which you wouldn’t mind receiving, however. 🙂

Blue Palawan Beach Front
Blue Palawan Beach Front

Busy finishing work we will leave in Manila, plus the excitement of preparations & packing, we didn’t have much time to do further research into our itinerary prepared by Air Asia Philippines.

It was a pleasant anticipation with a hint of mystery, going to the bestowed World’s Best Island Palawan.

It was also our second time in Puerto Princesa as a couple.

Upon landing in Puerto Princesa in the morning, we had a satisfying lunch at the famous Ka Lui restaurant. We then headed straight to our nearby resort by the name of Blue Palawan.

We were initially clueless what was in store for us in this overnight accommodation. But I hoped the resort have a swimming pool aside from a stunning beach.

We got more than what we expected.

Blue Palawan Resort
Blue Palawan Resort

Discovering Blue Palawan

Located at the end of BM Road in the city proper of downtown Puerto Princesa and 15 minutes away from the airport, Blue Palawan will greet you with a refreshing landscape of green palms, wooden steps, and stone walks on powdery sands; backdropped by clean white walls with the nearby beach front peeking.

Upon stepping down our Lexus shuttle service van, a gush of beach wind blew and we heard the soft splashes of afternoon waves while the rays of the sun hit our arms and shoulders.

The raw smell of ocean breeze seemed to tell us that something amazing was in store.

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

We were not mistaken. Blue Palawan Resort was love at first sight.

Blue Palawan Resort

Behind the white walls of Blue Palawan Resort were greetings and gleaming smiles from the resort staffs.

Having had opened barely two weeks ago, it’s a newborn paradise this side of Puerto Princesa.

Let the photos talk.

Blue Palawan Beach Huts
Blue Palawan Beach Huts
White Sands
Wifey on White Sands
Palawan Sunset
Sunset by the pool.

Resort Rooms

Resort Rooms
Resort Rooms

The 20+-room bamboo-fenced beach huts looked ordinary facing backward from the reception but walking to the other side reveals a traditional beach  hut style exterior with a modern-minimalist interior.


We love the simple but spacious layout inside and the asian-ethnic architecture of the room-hut.

With a king size bed (or optional twin beds), an air-conditioned beach hut can accommodate 3 to 4 adults and is currently offered starting at Php 3,800.

The spacious shower area has two sets of hot-and-cold shower systems and two sinks complete with toiletries.

On the other hand, there are no TV sets yet which I don’t really mind (I didn’t go to Palawan to watch television).

King Size Bed
King-Size Bed
Resort Accommodations
Resort Accommodations

Night Life at the Resort

After having dinner with the Palawan Tourism Council and the local government, we came back to the hotel and met some gorgeous guests for a small chit-chat including Christian of Blue Palawan, the ladies of Palawan Brewery, Monica Mitra of Splash House, international kiteboarder and Roxy Girl Paula Rosales, SEO specialist Derrick Paatan, and top travel bloggers Melo Villareal and Enrico Dee.

Blue Palawan is the last place where you will actually feel blue as its poolside area can transform into a hip party place in a snap with its modern sound system.

I wanted to take a dip in their 4ft pool that night but didn’t have the opportunity to so as we had to leave 6am the next day for El Nido.

I guess these are what I should look forward to in our next visit; including the call of the beach.

Day 2

The next day, wee met an endearing sunrise and had a quick breakfast by the pool; a consolation for a ‘goodbye‘ made too soon.


Blue Palawan Mornings
Blue Palawan Mornings
Under construction
Some part under construction

Ongoing & Future Developments

The reception’s one-piece untreated wooden table made an impression that this is only the beginning and more development on the resort is set to be made.

Blue Palawan HOO Jorge Mitra has more plans up his sleeve.

A barkada room and a couple suite is currently under construction to accommodate groups and couples looking for a honeymoon in Palawan, respectively.

Seats For Two is definitely coming back to Blue Palawan to experience more of the resort and the beach!

Blue Palawan Resort
Address: Hidden Beach, BM Road, Puerto Princesa, Palawan 5300
Mobile Number: +639178314118

Palawan Sunrise
Palawan Sunrise
Seat For Two
Seats For Two

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Have you been to Palawan recently? Have you been to the newly opened Blue Palawan Resort in Puerto Princesa? Share with us your thoughts and comments about the resort in the comment section below!

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