6 Things Honeymooners Can Do in Boracay

Known for its powdery white sand and crystal clear waters, Boracay in Kalibo, Aklan remains to be the top choice of local and international tourists, especially the newly weds and honeymooners. Luckily, we got our recent trip via a budget-friendly flight to Boracay!

We’ve been to Boracay a couple of times and every visit provided a different kind of experience. 🙂

One of the many reasons why we love Boracay is that there’s so many things we can do in the island. Let us share with you a short list of what we’ve gathered through the years of going back and forth in this paradise.

Boracay White Sand Beach
Boracay White Sand Beach

Here’s 5 Things Honeymooners can do in Boracay:

1. Book your stay at The Discovey Shores Boracay.

Discovery Shores Boracay is located at the better part of the island – Station 1, It is where the ambience is more serene and relaxed, just how a tropical paradise should be.

It’s a highly recommended hotel for couples who wants to spend an intimate time together. However, couples who love to party may want to walk by the beach and head to stations 2 and 3, the party place in the island.

Aside from their top facilities, the resort is also known for their high-quality service.

Best Hotel in Boracay Discovery-Shores-Boracay
Discovery Shores Boracay

2. Go Kayaking 

Kayaking is a fairly known activity in most island-resorts, specially for a tropical country with more than 7,100 islands

But what makes it special in this part of the island is a modern kayaking called glass boat kayaking where you would clearly see the water and the marine creatures living in it through the glass boat.

3. Try Paraw Sailing

We got excited with the idea of Paraw Sailing as it sounds fun, adventure and romantic at the same time.
The ‘wifey’ wore a white dress while ‘hubby’ was in my beach shorts then, lol. But more importantly, the experience provided bonding and building trust between us couples

We sailed from stations 1 to 3 while viewing the beautiful island from afar. An hour of paraw sailing costs about P1,500 (US$35).

Paraw Sailing Boracay
Seats For Two on Paraw Sailing

4.  Enjoy the Night Life 

As mentioned above, the island is known for its active night life that young couples may enjoy, specially in stations 2 and 3.

You can choose form a number of good bars and restaurants which provides good sounds and music with live performances that can last ’til dawn.

5. Taste the Chilled Drinks of  Jona’s Milkshake

Jona’s Milkshake is probably one of the first fruit shake stores in Boracay.

They are known for their affordable but rich and creamy milkshakes served in a reusable plastic bottle with straw. Get one and share it with your spouse!

Best Hotel in Boracay Discovery-Shores-Boracay
Tropical Paradise

6. Experience Cliff diving

For couples who are looking for more adrenaline rush and willing to try the extreme, cliff diving in Boracay is a fairly new adventure.

Located at the other side of the island, cliff diving offers the thrill-seekers a jump to the crystal-clear waters. Creative options of jumping from different levels of meters-high rock makes it open for both beginners and the not-so-newbies alike.

We hope this list of “6 Things Honeymooners Can Do in Boracay” was of help in your travel plans to Boracay as a couple!

Seats For Two in Boracay
Seats For Two in Boracay
Honeymoon Boracay
“6 Things Honeymooners Can Do in Boracay”

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Would you know any other interesting activities in Boracay for our couple readers? Share it with us and let’s add up to the list of “Things Honeymooners Can Do in Boracay“!

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