Double Date at Marriott’s Mian and Crema

We celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary with a giveaway for our readers. The chosen couple joined us in a special lunch at Mian Asian Restaurant followed by an afternoon coffee and dessert at Crema. The two posh restaurants are located at Marriott Manila Grand ballroom.

Our double date contest was announced a couple of weeks prior to our anniversary on February 10. Set on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, February 8, the two couples, that’s us, Carina and Don met at the spacious Marriott Grand ballroom lobby.

Seats For Two Turns 3, celebrates double date at Marriott Manila
Seats For Two Turns 3, celebrates double date at Marriott Manila

Asian Dishes at Mian Asian Restaurant

It was our first time to dine at Mian except for Mr. Uy. The restaurant is open for lunch, daily.  Upon entering, you’ll be greeted with an open kitchen and a modern and minimalist dining palace. Chairs and tables in different sizes. Some high chair for six, others the classic dining set for four. There’s a fridge where customers can see and choose their beverages.

Mian Asian Restaurant at Marriott Manila
Mian Asian Restaurant at Marriott Manila

We started with some appetizers – sausage empanada and shrimp lumpia sariwa. Mr. Seats For Two loves the shrimp lumpia sariwa with the peanut dressing while Mrs Seats For Two said she prefers the empanada more. The serving could be shared by two to three person.

Mian's Sausage Empanada
Mian’s Sausage Empanada with local sausage. egg and vinegar dip (Php195)
Mian's Pork Miso Ramen
Pork Miso Ramen (Php295)

We had rice bowls and ramen. Our couple guests had the same, Carina got the Chef’s Beef Noodles. Pork Miso Ramen was tasty. There’s generous toppings of pork belly, soft boiled egg and vegetables in a clear miso broth. The Chef’s Beef Noodles was good as well. It has slow braised beef, coriander, bean sprouts and rice noodles.

The boys had rice bowls – beef caldereta and pork adobo. The former was saucy and tasty. The braised beef was tender and juicy, while the root vegetables were cooked just right. Pork Adobo has fried quail egg and pickled vegetables with thick and yummy sauce. Both rice bowls were good and highly recommended. You would ask for extra rice. 🙂

Mian's Pork Caldereta
Mian’s Pork Caldereta (Php395)
Mian Asian Restaurant Marriott Grand Ballroom
Chef’s Beef Noodles (Php395) and Sausage Emapanada (Php 195)

For those who prefers chicken or Shrimp for noodles, Mian offers the Chicken Dumplings Bowl or Shrimp, Pork and Vegetable Lomi Soup.

Other rice bowl available is the Chicken Guinataan which sounds good for Mrs. Uy as she loves dishes cooked with coconut. <3

Seats For Two Double Date at Mian
Seats For Two Double Date at Mian

There’s an array of Asian dishes being offered at Mian. Unfortunately, we did not try their version of Pancit Canton. How about Stir Fried clams and braised pork belly with udon noodles? For vegetarians, they also have the Vegetable Noodles using glass noodles and has shiitake mushrooms.

Already full but the lunch wouldn’t be complete without dessert. There were two choices on the menu, the fruit salad which has coconut, palm fruit, cream and condensed milk and mango pudding with tapioca, pomelo and mango. We did not have any of the two, instead we asked if we could order the huge Halo-Halo. It’s made with our usual favorite halo-halo ingredients like ube and langka. But we wished it could be better with more shaved ice. Anyway, you can ask for extra ice for your liking.

Crema (open for breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Mrs. Uy and our female guest, Carina were both excited for dessert and coffee because the ladies were coffee lovers. By the name itself, Crema, anyone would expect  delightfully delicious desserts, coffee and smoothies. We were not disappointed. The ladies had a hard time choosing from the spread. There were pastries, cakes, smoothies, hot chocolate beverages, tea and coffee concoction.

Crema At Marriott Manila
Crema At Marriott Manila

Our double date turned into an afternoon of high tea with this lovely spread. Crema, as a modern cafe is a nice place for quick snacks, meetings and of course dating your spouse or girlfriend. Families can also come here and enjoy a weekend over coffee and cake.

Dessert at Crema
Affordable Dessert at Crema

Our afternoon treat comprises of warm ube ensaymada, cheesecake topped with fruits, tiramisu surrounded with white chocolate shavings, pistachio cake which was the favorite of the group. A hot drink is always perfect for meryenda so we had a tall cup of cafe mocha which we find too chocolaty. The smoothie was good and refreshing though. We like it! Everyone was delighted with the dessert. We ended with a cup of yogurt topped with nuts and caramel sauce.

Yummy cakes at Crema
Yummy cakes at Crema

You can check out our photos using the hashtags #SeatsForTwoEats #SeatsForTwoTurns3

Healthy Yogurt at Crema
Yogurt topped with nuts

Thanks to our winning couple, Carina and Don for the good company. We’re glad you enjoyed our anniversary treat. Special thanks to Marriott Manila, Mian Asian Restaurant and Crema. For updates, you may visit

Marriott Manila
No 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex,
Pasay City, Manila, 1309

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Seats For Two Anniversary
SeatsForTwoTurns3 Double Date at Mian Asian Restaurant

It was a wonderful double date. Stay tuned for more giveaways, double date and perhaps a staycation treat for our readers.

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