First Time at KaLui, Puerto Princesa

Last summer, SeatsForTwo together with Team Air Asia Philippines, US AIDE, Palawan Tourism council and selected travel bloggers visited the world’s best island, Palawan for a four-days familiarization tour. Included in our itinerary was dining at the famous KaLui restaurant.


From Puerto Princesa airport, our group headed to the famous KaLui restaurant for our first lunch in Palawan. It was very timely since we haven’t been to KaLui even if we’ve been to the city last. From the entrance, we were greeted with KaLui himself and ushered to the long table near the gallery section.

I did not know about the “no-shoes policy“. Shoes were kept in drawers at the entrance. To be honest, I rarely walk barefoot especially on public places except on mosques like the one we visited in Malaysia (read my blog here). On a positive note, I love how it feels walking along KaLui restaurant’s wooden floor. It was clean and I did not even stepped on a grain of rice ‘mumu’ or any ‘butil ng kanin’, my dad used to call it.

#SeatsForTwo at #KaLui Puerto-Princesa
#SeatsForTwo at #KaLui Puerto-Princesa
Ka Lui Dining Area
KaLui Dining Area

It was refreshing when you’re surrounded with local decorations, paintings and plants. KaLui is famous for seafood dishes but before we go to that, let me tour you around this quaint local restaurant. Aside from the zen-atmosphere around the dining area, you will be impressed with their beautiful and tidy comfort rooms. Yes, you will walk inside the restroom without slippers or shoes. Hesitant, I still go to the comfort room and amused that it actually look like a living room. It has three cubicles, a large mirror and a sofa. There’s a separate restroom for ladies and gentlemen.

KaLui Female Restroom
KaLui Female Restroom
21-Ka-Lui-Puerto-Princesa #SeatsForTwo-020
Ka Lui’s clean and tidy restrooms
23-Ka-Lui-Puerto-Princesa #SeatsForTwo-022
Looks like a living room 😛

Paintings and art materials displayed. The restaurant has a souvenir shop too.

Paintings around KaLui Resto
Paintings around KaLui Resto
27-Ka-Lui-Puerto-Princesa #SeatsForTwo-026
Barefoot at KaLui

The Menu


We started with Sashimi on a bed of pineapple. Came next is something like vegetable tempura. For some, the dish may look simple but I find the sauce outstanding. The sizzling was fair enough though.

Fried Eggplant Dish in Special Sauce
Tempura Kaka (all veggie)
Sizzling Tuna
Tuna Curry
Tuna Curry

We had a scrumptious, all-Filipino dishes. The seafood dishes was fantastic. Marj personally love the Tuna Curry, spiciness was just okay. We hope to be back in Puerto Princesa.

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Ka Lui in Puerto Princesa
The Famous Ka Lui in Puerto Princesa

Have you been to Puerto Princesa? How about dining at the famous Ka Lui Restaurant? We recommend you include it in your next trip to Palawan, #WorldsBestIsland.

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