Japanese-Korean Group Lunch at Ginzadon

With the recent opening of Runway Manila, Resorts World Manila is now even more accessible from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA3).

But a few days before Runway Manila‘s official opening, we actually had a lunch date with some friends at Resorts World Manila‘s  Ginzadon. – a Seats For Six!

Ginzadon: The Best of 2 Worlds

Ginzadon is a top-of-mind choice restaurant in Newport City if you are looking for the best of both Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Its chic and intimate ambiance makes Ginzadon an ideal place to dine with friends, colleagues, or have intimate dinner dates with your special someone.

The Asian restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of Maxims Hotel and they have been around for a number of years now. We can still remember the 1st time we dined at Ginzadon in 2014, It was during Marj’s birthday staycation at Remington Hotel when we enjoyed a late-night dinner then. We had a satisfying Shouyu Ramen and some Canadian Maki, among others.

Interestingly, they also serve Filipino dishes from their menu. In fact, their offering for the ongoing Coco Fest 2017 is a colorful “BikoRoll (Pinoy rice cake) creation!

Inside Ginzadon, Resorts World Manila

Late dinner at #ginzadon, shouyu ramen + canadian maki @resortsworldmanila

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Ginzadon Today

In our recent visit with a group of friends, we pretty much ordered a lot of new dishes we haven’t had before.

The ordeal started with Korean Banchan appetizers including the spinach salad, eggplant, and Korean candied sweet potato.

For starters, we had the dish of the month,- a fresh and tasty Salmon and Beet Salad served with a sweet and tangy salad dressing which matched the fresh greens.

Korean Banchan Appetizer
Complimentary Korean Banchan Appetizer
Salmon Salad
Salmon Salad

Now for the mains, you wouldn’t want to leave a Japanese restaurant without trying their Ebi Tempura (Php 700+), right?

It was cooked in light batter – crispy and not too oily. The tempura sauce was also lighter than in most restaurants I have tried; and it was a welcome change. 🙂

Next came the La Kalbi Gui (Php 1,100+), a wrapping of tender beef strips with fresh crunchy lettuce and chili sauce on the side.

Ebi Tempura
Ebi Tempura
La Kalbi Gui
La Kalbi Gui
La Kalbi Gui
Chili Sauce over La Kalbi Gui

More of Ginzadon

Being with a big group of friends has its advantages – you can order a lot and share it with everyone.

This way, you could try and taste many dishes in one sitting. This was the scenario we were in and we’re not complaining. 🙂

Our group also ordered a soup dish and we were in for a ‘soupy surprise’ as the bowl of spicy Jjam Pong (Php 600+) stood for it’s name!

One of our favorite though is the Fish Stew in soy-sweet thick sauce. It was a good match with the gohan / Japanese plain rice.

Jjam Pong
Jjam Pong (P600++)
Ginzadon Resorts World Manila
Fish Stew @ Ginzadon, Resorts World Manila

Asian Dessert

Most Korean restaurants offer ice cream at the end of a meal. Although we were already full as a group, we just couldn’t pass the opportunity to share some desserts.

Ginzadon‘s Fried Banana Topped with Matcha Ice Cream (Php 150+) was a good choice.

If you are dining in as a family, the children would love the drizzle of choco syrup and candy bits over the banana fruit and Matcha ice cream.

We also had Matcha bread and more ice cream (Php 167). The Black Sesame ice cream (Php 133+) is a Seats For Two‘s recommended variants.

Korean Ice Cream
Banana Ice Cream
Matcha Bread
Matcha Bread
Korean Ice Cream
Sesame and Matcha Ice Cream

On a last note, be sure to order the Dragon Roll (Php 900+) that comes with a portion of prawn and veggies.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Ginzadon Sushi and Teriyaki Bar and taste their wide variety of sake and soju!

Ginzadon Dragon Roll
The Dragon Roll

2nd Floor, Maxims Hotel
Lunch: 11 AM to 3 PM
Dinner: 5 PM to 12MN
Website: https://www.rwmanila.com/restaurants/ginzadon
Telephone No:  (+632) 908-8887

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It was indeed a great dining experience at Ginzadon, another testament to Resorts World Manila being a preferred destination for world-class entertainment and dining destination with a Filipino heart. Check out our Belmont Hotel Review and feature as well!

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