Panasonic nanoe X Technology: Protecting Families in Taguig City Main Vaccination Site

Panasonic and Taguig City has partnered to provide nanoe X air purifiers and nanoe X portable generators at the city’s vaccination site in Bonifacio Global City. The groundbreaking nanoe X technology of Panasonic has been verified to have inhibitory effects on airborne and adhered viruses, including the novel coronavirus.

Members in attendance at the official turnover and donation, which took place in Taguig City Hall last November 11, included Taguig City Mayor Hon. Lito Cayetano and Panasonic Country Head and General Manager of Life Solutions, Yosuke Tanaka.

Panasonic nanoe X
Panasonic nanoe X Technology Helps Parents and Their Children Feel More Protected in Taguig City’s Main Vaccination Site

The main vaccination site in Bonifacio Global City, which recently opened its doors to minors, aged 12-17, to finally receive COVID-19 vaccinations are now protected by a total of 50 Panasonic products equipped with nanoe X technology. Parents and their children in attendance were also treated to Panasonic freebies that included nanoe X face masks, fans, and pillows, and most importantly, further information on Panasonic’s groundbreaking technology.

When asked about how they felt about the protection provided by Panasonic’s nanoe X technology, Aileen Yasay, who accompanied her daughter Lorraine at the site, shared, “It’s a great feeling knowing there is something nearby protecting my family from the virus.”

Panasonic’s donation to Taguig City is part of a bigger program by Panasonic Corporation to provide cleaner and quality air to strategically selected areas and sites in the National Capital Region in need of Panasonic’s COVID-19 inhibiting nanoe X technology. Previous donations were made to Malabon City, Mandaluyong City, Quezon City, Makati City and the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to provide further protection for medical front liners.

Jaron Amorsolo, Taguig City’s security guard watching over the site, also shared, “This makes me happy, knowing that my own protection from the virus is just as important in keeping the virus away from my family at home.”

Panasonic Taguig
Panasonic nanoe X Technology: Protecting Families in Taguig City Main Vaccination Site

“The global policy of Panasonic is the contribution to society,” Yosuke Tanaka shared. “And I think at this time, the most important assistance we can provide is to make people feel safer and more secure to smile once again. Now that vaccinations are open to children, we hope this is a step in the positive direction in ensuring everyone’s safety, children and parents alike.”

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