Experience the Magic of ‘Gather to Give’: A Share-a-Ton Holiday Soiree at Sheraton Manila Hotel

Sheraton Manila Hotel celebrates the holiday season with ‘Paskonstelasyon‘ presenting ‘Gather to Give’: A Share-a-Ton Holiday Soiree – an enchanting night promising more than just merriment.

Sheraton Manila Christmas
Sheraton Manila Christmas

The Marriott Bonvoy Soiree Lantern cast its golden glow, illuminating the splendid Christmas tree and encapsulating the festive spirit.

An Unforgettable Night of Joy, Unity, and Purpose

This year’s annual tree and lantern lighting at Sheraton Manila Hotel held special significance as part of the Sheraton Soiree campaign. Originating in September with the “Sundown Soiree,” it marked the countdown to Sheraton Manila Hotel’s upcoming 5th anniversary on January 16, 2014, at the Sheraton Ballroom. The event embodied Sheraton Manila Hotel’s commitment to creating memorable moments and shared experiences.

Welcoming each guest with warmth and the signature Sheraton festive drink, the night set the tone for ‘Gather to Give.’ Attendees captured and shared special moments, fostering a spirit of festivity filled with hope and togetherness.

The celebration, opened by General Manager Anna Vergara, emphasized the profound impact of unity and giving during the holiday season. Aligned with the hotel’s white-themed goodwill, she acknowledged Sheraton Manila Hotel’s commitment to building sustainable partnerships and communities, underscoring the invaluable contributions of the audience.

Yuletide Offers & Community Collaborations

Central to the event, the ‘Merry & Bright: Joyful Gatherings at Sheraton Manila Hotel Holiday Brochure,’ revealed exclusive offers and delightful surprises. From sweet holiday treats to sumptuous staples, it transformed the festive season into something truly special.

Sheraton Christmas Basket
Sheraton Christmas Basket

Exciting collaborations were highlighted, including an upcoming bar takeover with 1834 Gin and The Lounge’s resident mixologists, promising an evening of exquisite cocktails and delightful entertainment. Another awaited venture involved an arts and crafts collaboration with “Googly Gooeys,” enabling guests to craft unique holiday keepsakes. These collaborations added an extra layer of excitement to the magical evening.

Purposeful Giving Lights Up the Evening

Children of Sheraton Manila Associates, alongside Executive Chef Andrea Burzio, adorned Christmas Chocolate Trees, each carrying a heartfelt dedication card. These treats sweetened the season and supported the education of children of Philippine soldiers through the HERO Foundation Inc.

Sheraton Manila Christmas Gift Ideas
Sheraton Manila Christmas Gift Ideas

In the spirit of giving, Sheraton Manila ensured that a percentage of proceeds from every holiday item sold would be dedicated to the foundation. This initiative embodies the essence of the holiday season—a time for joy, sharing, and making a positive impact in the community.

The Grand Finale and Culinary Delight

The evening concluded with the grand illumination of the Marriott Bonvoy Lantern and the Sheraton Manila Christmas Tree, symbolizing unity and marking the official start of the festive season. Sheraton Manila Hotel invited guests to be part of the ‘Gather to Give’ experience, exploring the secrets of making holidays enchanting, memorable, and purposeful.

Sheraton Manila

A sumptuous gastronomic feast, featuring local products like artisanal salts, sustainable seafood, local chocolate, and coffee, was prepared by Sheraton Manila Hotel’s esteemed culinary team. Guests also got a glimpse of featured “Gather to Give” hampers and retail items, perfect for holiday gift-giving. Above all, Sheraton Manila Hotel left a powerful message of unity and hope, inspiring all to continue ‘Gathering to Give’ and share the light they bring, making the world a better place.

Sheraton Hotel Manila
Sheraton Hotel Manila

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