Practical Tips to Lower Meralco Bill This Summer

While summer is a good time to do many things like decluttering, home renovation and re-arranging furniture, we can’t help but procrastinate because of the extreme and uncomfortable heat of summer. I know you also wish to use the air conditioner or electric fan round the clock, but keep in mind safety. We do not want our home appliances over heat. Besides, we also need to  keep on our allotted budget for electricity bills.

Our cozy home in Cirque Serviced Residences
Our cozy home

During our recent tour at Meralco Power Lab, we learned practical ways to conserve electricity. Using the Energy Management Pyramid you can lower your electricity bill and manage electric consumption at home.

Did you know that electric consumption increases during the summer by 10-40%? This is because our home appliances like air conditioner, refrigerator and other small kitchen appliances like blender and juicer are regularly used. We turn on the air conditioner to feel cool and comfortable. The kids open the fridge more frequently to grab a snack, an ice cream or soda.

Everyone at home wants to enjoy some refreshing smoothie while watching a movie or series. Air conditioners have the potential to contribute the biggest portion of your home’s consumption. Make sure you get the right size of air conditioner that fits the size of your room. Right-sizing helps you avoid extra costs and wasted energy. Remember that cold settings means high electric consumption. Make sure to clean your aircon’s filter every other week. By doing this, you can save up to P208/month.

Energy Saving on Home Appliances
Choose the right Home Appliances

Now moving on to the kitchen. Here are some tips on how to save energy and lower electricity bill:
1. Avoid putting warm food inside the ref. It’s better to let it warm or cool your food first and save up to P20/month.
2. Avoid overloading the fridge.
3. Regulate your fridge temperature. If it’s not full, do not set the temperature to high settings. By doing this you can save up to P202/month.
4. Optimize your consumption by upgrading to an inverter refrigerator and save up to P405/month.

Energy Saving Tip
Energy Saving Tip

Aside from those appliances mentioned, we have laptops and smartphones that also contribute to daily consumption. Ceiling lights, desk lamps and air purifiers were added for a work-at-home setting. We can still save without eliminating these items. By switching to LED bulbs and motion-sensor LED lights, you can save up to P25/month.

Last but not the least, track your consumption with the Meralco Appliance Calculator, an iOS and Android-friendly app that allows consumers to have more power over their monthly electric bill. Because many of us are conscious of our electricity usage, Meralco developed this app to make managing consumers’ electricity spending better. One of the key features allows users to compute their power consumption based on their appliances’ cost per hour and length of use per day and week.

To compute appliance monthly consumption of a Digital Microwave Oven (20L).

Step 1: Set your monthly bill amount on the space provided.
Step 2: Choose an appliance. The app tells you the wattage of your appliance.
Step 3: Place the number of hours/minutes, days used (1-7days) and weeks used (1-4 wks)
Step 4: Calculate. The app shows per hour, per day, per week and your monthly appliance consumption.

Meralco Team led by Joe Zaldarriaga Meralco Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications, and Engr. Joel Sagun, Meralco Power Lab Head

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Meralco E-Cars
Meralco E-Cars and e-Sakay

We can turn actions into habits like unplug devices and appliances and turn off the lights when not in use to save electricity at home. If you have extra budget, upgrade home appliances into inverter ones. I hope you will find these practical tips to lower electrical consumption helpful. For more electrical safety tips, you can also visit Follow their social media pages, @meralcoph.

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