Comfy Pieces For Summer or Rainy Season From Uniqlo

Summer is about to end and the rainy season has just started. A change in season also calls for some new sets of comfy clothes. Since we are already experiencing a sudden change of weather, from hot mornings to rainy afternoons, it’s best to wear something comfortable yet stylish from Uniqlo.

Uniqlo Dry-Ex
Uniqlo Dry-Ex

LifeWear is high-quality clothing that is universal in design and comfort and made for everyone, everywhere. Each piece has proprietary technologies that bring comfort to the wearer, whatever the season. Uniqlo encourage everyone to update their wardrobe with LifeWear pieces that can adapt to the ever-changing weather.

Marjorie Uy in purple Airsm top
Marjorie Uy in purple Airsm top & Uniqlo Stretch White Jeans

Recently, Uniqlo hosted a Pop-up event to feature UNIQLO must-haves – AIRism, Dry-EX, UV Protection, and outerwear pieces. Guests and shoppers enjoyed various fitness activities and surprises from Uniqlo. Check out these pieces below.

Uniqlo AIRsim and Parka
Uniqlo AIRism and Parka

Women’s Individual Kata, Karate SEA Games Gold Medalist Sakura Alforte adds AIRism Cotton Shirt is her staple piece in her training bag, “I use it mostly during training because it feels fresh and comfortable no matter how hard and long training days are.” Women’s Ultra Stretch AIRism Sleeveless Dress

This smooth, comfortable dress made with Ultra Stretch material has an elegant cut suitable for business meetings or working in a cafe. The smooth AIRism fabric with Cool Touch and quick-drying technology is a must for busy days. This dress is versatile; with the attractive and contoured silhouette making it easy to transition from day activities to date night. Item is available at P1490.00

Men’s AIRism Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
Look dapper in the AIRism Short Sleeve Polo Shirt, which combines style and comfort in a timeless silhouette. The super smooth, light, and cool micro pique fabric is great for brunch with friends on a warm morning. UNIQLO’s AIRism, Cool Touch, and quick-drying DRY technology absorb moisture and evaporate it quickly. Wear this on its own or with a light jacket for a smart casual look. Item is available at P1490.00

Uniqlo Pop Up in BGC
Uniqlo Pop Up in BGC

Girls’ AIRism Cotton Dress
Young girls can look cute and stylish during family lunches with the AIRism Cotton Dress and its flared A-line silhouette. The smooth AIRism fabric, which looks like cotton, is suitable for when playing with cousins after the family meal. Item is available at P990.00

Women’s and Kids’ AIRism UV Protection Mesh Hoodie

Going on a road trip can be fun but it’s important to protect the skin from all the elements. The AIRism UV Protection Mesh Hoodie is a functional piece essential for any vacation. Its smooth fabric, made with recycled polyester, has built-in UV protection technology and the hoodie also has quick-drying, Cool Touch, and deodorizing functions. Wear this with bright and colorful outerwear. The women’s version can be stored neatly with the updated pocketable design when not in use. Item is available at P990.00 (Kids) and P1490.00 (Women)

Uniqlo Pop Up Event
Uniqlo Pop Up Event

Women’s AIRism UV Protection Soft Pocket Leggings

The mountaintops can be a relaxing place to spend the rainy months. It is, however, still important to stay protected from the sun’s harsh rays even when it’s pouring. The AIRism UV Protection Soft Pocket Leggings are suitable for hiking, camping, and other fun outdoor activities. AIRism provides a refreshing feeling even after a long climb. This is complemented by greater stretch at the waist for easier dressing and maximum comfort. Finish the look with a light T-shirt and jacket for sudden weather changes. Item is available at P1490.00

For trips to countries with a different climate

Men’s and Women’s UV Protection Pocketable Parka Step back in time and see the temples of Kyoto in Japan. The Pocketable Parka can keep travelers warm during spring or fall seasons. UNIQLO updated the garment with a roomy 3D cut for greater ease of movement. When the day gets warm, UV protection technology shields the skin from the sun’s rays. The parka has a pocketable design with a storage pouch attached for days when it gets too hot. Style with neutral colors to match the old-world charm of Kyoto. Item is available at P2490.00

Women’s Jersey Relaxed Jacket
See the best of Europe in a cross-country tour. Make sure to pack the Jersey Relaxed Jacket for the cool breeze while staying stylish and smart. The jacket has a soft and comfortable jersey fabric for added warmth. Its short length and boxy cut pair well with high-rise bottoms. Item is available at P1990.00

Men’s Reversible Parka
Explore the historic palaces of Seoul in South Korea with the Reversible Parka. Cooler months may bring a chill in the air so a warm parka can bring comfort and style. This garment also has a water-repellent finish for sudden downpours. Its reversible design gives variety to photos and videos for social media. Item is available at P2490.00

For staying active
Men’s Wrestling SEA Games Gold Medalist Ronil Tubog believes that strength training plays a significant role in a wrestler’s overall training plan. Training alone produces massive sweat as it requires tedious core workout and flexibility. “It is important to me that I wear functional clothes that meet my needs. My go-to is the DRY-EX shirt and jogger pants that don’t let me down,” he shares.

Men’s Ultra Stretch DRY-EX Jogger Pants
Get that beach body by lifting weights, doing high-intensity interval training, or taking up a challenging sport with Ultra Stretch DRY-EX Jogger Pants. These pants have ultra-stretch fabric as well as super absorbent and quick-drying technology. These pants are high-performing perfect for relaxing at home, wearing at the office, or playing sports.
Item is available at P1490.00

For more updates on the latest collection, please visit UNIQLO Philippines’ website at You can also download the UNIQLO APP via Google Play Store or Apple Store to experience the benefits of UNIQLO shopping anytime and anywhere, including the click and collect and self-checking of inventory features. Visit the first-ever UNIQLO Pop-Up Event happening from June 16 to June 21, 2023 in C1 Park, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City (in front of Central Square Mall Entrance). Enjoy and experience first-hand the innovative collections of AIRism, UV Protection and DRY-EX. Follow UNIQLO on Facebook, Uniqlo on Twitter and Instagram.

Seats For Two at the Uniqlo Pop-Up in High Street
Seats For Two at the Uniqlo Pop-Up in High Street

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