mWell Unbox: Enhanced Future of Health and Wellness with ‘Mind Health Score’ Feature, Smart Watches, & Smart Rings!

mWell, the digital healthcare arm of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), unveiled a roster of innovative offerings in an impressive digital showcase.

The event dubbed “mWell Unboxed” marked the newest milestone in mWell’s history as it goes beyond telemedicine and strengthens its commitment to holistic health.

The gathering witnessed the launch of the Mind Health Score feature, new generation mWell Watches, which are fully loaded with health features at a budget-friendly price, and the light yet powerful mWell Rings.

Hosted by Iza Calzado and Markki Stroem, mWell Unboxed transported guests to the mWell multiverse, which showcased a full line-up of features and products, milestones, and inspiring testimonials. The highlight of the event was the appearance of mWell ambassadors, who included top names in entertainment, government, lifestyle, sports, and foreign affairs.

mWell Chairman and MPIC Chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan says, “mWell’s mission is to demolish the barriers preventing our countrymen in remote areas from receiving quality healthcare. Our platform is sustainable, future-proof, and fully integrated—allowing us to bring healthcare closer to all Filipinos.

Unboxing our latest features and products is a testament to how we are able to fulfill our purpose: to make health and wellness accessible, available, affordable to anyone, anytime, anywhere. With help from our community, government, technology, and enterprise partners, we will deliver innovative healthcare solutions that will usher in the future of health and wellness. Because we believe that healthy people enable a healthy economy, a healthy planet and a healthy tomorrow for our children” said mWell CEO and President and MPIC Chief Finance, Risk, and Sustainability Officer Chaye Cabal- Revilla.

mWell Watch
mWell Watch

mWell Mind Health Score for a Healthier Mind

Recognizing that good health means increased productivity and business success, mWell offers complete wellness solutions, especially for members of the workforce. However, beyond physical health, mental well-being plays a crucial role in overall performance and happiness. Through the mWell Mind Health Score feature, app users now have a digital ally for a healthier mind.

The Mind Health Score is a personal compass for a self-guided journey towards enhancing emotional, social, and cognitive well-being. It provides insights into one’s state of mind, helps boost self-awareness, fosters empowerment, hope and positivity through evidence-based techniques.

Using this latest feature, mWell app users will learn more about ways to relax, reduce stress, and improve overall emotional balance. Prompts will guide them as they practice thankfulness to regulate stress and mood difficulties. This feature is helpful in evaluating thoughts, emotions, decisions, and goals with full awareness and understanding of triggers to help reduce distress.

The Mind Health Score also features a playlist with guided meditations for stress relief, relaxation, and better sleep. It provides tools for app users to track their progress as they build resilience and emotional well-being.

mWell Watch: Fully loaded with health features

Democratizing health and wellness, mWell introduced the new generation mWell watches. Each one is packed with features that let users track workouts, other physical activities, and overall wellness—at an affordable price!

This includes over 100 exercise modes, heart rate, and blood oxygen. Paired with the mWell app, it allows app users to view daily mWellness Score based on exercise, light activity, sedentary time, and step count. Doing so helps lessen the risk of chronic disease. The mWell watch helps keep the family healthy as if offers a range of designs for playful kids, busy moms, and active dads.

mWell Ring
mWell Ring

mWell Ring: Powerful smart rings to track sleep

Paired with the mWell app, the mWell sleek and stylish mWell Ring is designed to help monitor important health metrics, including Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Resting Heart Rate, and Average Oxygen Saturation.

More importantly, the mWell Ring unlocks insights into the quantity and quality of sleep every single night.

A good night’s sleep restores the body, improves brain performance, helps heart health, supports weight management, keeps the immune system strong, and helps slow down signs of aging. Knowing your sleep count and quality helps you be more mindful of your sleep habits.

Using the mWell Ring paired with the mWell app, one will be able to view Total sleep report, Light sleep, Deep sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep — all in one tracker. It is built with Titanium and comes with a 7-day battery life. It is designed to make it easier to say “I do” to holistic health.

Since its relaunch in October 2022, mWell has provided access to online doctor consultation to residents of remote islands, Indigenous Peoples Communities, and even Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) through its fully integrated digital ecosystem. Its wide range of wellness features, including fitness and nutrition programs, have been instrumental in fostering a healthy and active lifestyle among millions of app users, including daily wage earners and employees from various corporations. For preventive healthcare for improved productivity, the app offers fitness and nutrition programs and the mWellness Score, which monitors physical activity for long-term health.

As part of the MPIC Group, mWell is committed to working towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being. It also supports the MVP Group’s Gabay Kalusugan advocacy focusing on quality and affordable healthcare.

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