TCL C645 Color Master: Ultimate QLED TV w/ Superior Pioneer Picture Quality

TCL Electronics sets the bar for Superior Pioneer Picture Quality from the C Series line, TCL C645 Color Master.

It’s giving a whole new definition on TV viewing. The TCL645 Color Master comes in as a bigger than life TV experience.

TCL C645 Color Master
TCL C645 Color Master: The Ultimate QLED TV With Superior Pioneer Picture Quality

It provides a picture with vivid colors and remarkable clarity. Thanks to its superb 4K UHD resolution display. The color spectrum and saturation are optimized using QLED technology, producing beautiful, vivid and real-life images.

The TCL 645 Color can display a broader range of colors up to 93% according to the DCI-P3 standard. It’s like peering into a kaleidoscope and exploring an endless world of colors.

Enjoy a vibrant TV experience

The High Dynamic Range (HDR), the latest standard for UHD content, provides a superior experience with striking brightness, exceptional shadow detail and vivid color. So you can just sit still and enjoy the incredible picture details on your TV Screens.

A new level of brilliance providing Vivid Color and Vigorous Life on your TV Screens

No need to worry about the rays of sun shining into your room as you can still see clear pictures with vivid colors on TCL C645. Plus you also get to enjoy the details hidden even in the sunny or shadowy scene.

All you can do is picture yourself like you are sitting at a theater and watching the curtains rise as actors enter the stage. You can witness a mesmerizing spectacle in front of your eyes with the Dolby Vision Atmos feature. You will feel as if you are in a grand theater rather than just watching it at home.

Gaming at its Finest

View the best possible image with Gaming through the Dolby Vision, allowing you to access every bit of detail and depth the game has to offer. Enhance your visuals and discover more of the game when you play in Dolby.

TCL C645 Color Master
TCL C645 Color Master

Experience the next-level gaming with the best elevating technology in action. Unlock advanced display and audio technology, try smoother streaming with TCL Game Master. Meanwhile, Game Accelerator technology gives you a smoother gaming experience with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.
Lastly, with its AiPQ Engine 3.0 enabled TCL algorithm processes content lets you have a stable and high-quality 4K experience.

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