10 Things You Need to Know About Australian Beef

My wife and I were invited by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) in partnership with S&R and Austrade in an intimate luncheon highlighting the goodness of Aussie Beef specially for the upcoming Father’s Day celebration.

Seats For Two @ Stella Restaurant
Seats For Two @ Stella Restaurant

Led by MLA Country Head for the Philippines Peter Paul Perez, the gathering with media people and guests was held in Stella at Bonifacio High Street Central with a 4-course meal; three of which used MLA Australian Beef as the main ingredient. You will see the photos of the dishes interspersed in the list of “10 Things You Need to Know About Australian Beef” below:

#1 Australian Beef has Low-Fat

Unlike grain-fed livestock, Australian livestock roam freely in pastures and is grass-fed. This leads to a less fatty marbling and relatively low cholesterol.

#2 Australian Beef Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

Austrlaian Beef has been recommended not only for standard diets but also for specialized diets dealing with health issues like heart care, cancer, hypertension, weight control, diabetes.

#3 Australian Beef is a Rich Source of Iron

Australian health authorities recommends 3-4 servings of red meat a week to meet recommended allowances for iron.

Beef is rich in haem iron which is most readily absorned by the human body for transporting oxygen through the blooodstream and is also a key element in brain development and efficient metabolism. This is essential for women, girls, and athletes.

Australian Beef Tartare
Appetizer: Alder Chip Smoked Australian Beef Tartare with Burnt Leeks and Shaved Pecorino

#4 Australian Beef has Omega-3

Fat from grass-fed beef also contains a richer amount of essential fatty acid called Omega-3. It promotes healthy brain development and eye function.

#5 Australian Beef is Dense with Nutrients

Mr. Peter Paul Perez of MLA

Lean Australain Beef is packed with a wide variety of nutrients to complete a balanced diet. A 100g serving of lean Australian beef gets you *…

  • 42% of daily protein needs
  • 15% of daily zinc needs
  • 13% of daily iron needs
  • 21% of recommended daily cholesterol intake
  • 06% of recommended daily kilojoules intake
  • 03% of recommended daily fat intake

* Based on Codex/malaysia reference figure of 20000 Kcals per day and RNI reference intakes for adult women in Malaysia 2005. Note: A 2000 Kcal intake is sufficient for most adult women.

Australian Striploin
Grilled Australian Striploin with Bukidnon Organic Greens, Quinoa and Pickled Watermelon Radish with Honey Lime Vinaigrette

#6 Ideal Environment

The eating quality of Australian red meat is preferred due to the country’s unspoiled and natural environment which is ideal for raising cattle.

#7 Credible History

Australian has a string beef industry with its 200-year old history devoted to advancing livestock production and meat safety.

#8 Food Safety Record

Australian beef around the world is known for their high food safety standards and record when it comes to producing safe and quality beef. They are the only country left which has not been affected by industry diseases like the Mad-Cow disease.

Australian Cube Roll
Herb Crusted Wood-fired Australian Cube Roll with Roasted Bone Marrow Potato Puree and Heirloom Vegetables

Read on below for the promotional #9 and #10!  For more information about Australian beef or beef in general, please visit Australian-Beef.com for recipe ideas and nutritional information and Meat4health.com.au for more information about red beef.

On a side note, one of the Australian beef brand we saw at the event was the Meltique Beef which is known for its unique line-up of beef products including striploin, loin fillet, tenderloin, cube roll, rolled chuck loin, and thick skirt.

Father’s Day & Aussie Beef at S&R

They say men are generally meat-eaters so in particular celebration of the upcoming Father’s Day, MLA is making sure Filipino dads get a bellyful of his favorite Australian beef and more with its twin promotions this month of June.

Creme Brulee
French Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee, Lemon Lime Sorbet and Spiced Chocolates
Meat and Livestock Australia
Meat and Livestock Australia

#9 S&R Promotion 1

Every purchase of 2 kilos of Australian beef at any S&R branch until June 15 entitles customers to draw from a lot and bring home any of the following prizes: indoor grill, charbroiled grill, food thong, Australian Red Wine, or a recipe booklet.

#10 Father’s Day Promotion 2

Moreover, from June 14 to 30, diners at Cyma, Allium and Madison’s Bistro Moderne who will order any entree made with Australian beef can get a special Father’s Day mug.

Now you know what makes Australian Beef from Meat and Livestock Australia ( MLA ) different! Visit an S&R branch nearest you and get the best Aussie Beef this Father’s Day!

Jonel Uy

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