IHeartPH remains in the heart of every Filipino

Indeed, the Philippines is blessed with amazingly beautiful natural resources and environment.

But more than its physical beauty, the country’s people are its true wealth. And that’s what IHeartPh advocates – to showcase the beauty of the Philippines and the Filipinos.

There are way too many reasons why I love the Philippines!,” shares IHeartPh host Valerie Tan.

True to its core, the magazine show has been consistently uplifting the image of the Philippines and the Filipinos – spreading good vibes. The program promotes love and appreciation of our country, helping the government to amplify its tourism campaign, “Love the Philippines!”

IHeartPH remains in the heart of every Filipino

First, our beaches are the best in the world. We have a lot of natural resources and wonders. Undoubtedly, there’s still so much to explore. Second, Filipino cuisine! Anthony Bourdain himself said it when he referred to Cebu lechon as the ‘best pig, ever’. Lastly, the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino people are unrivaled. Pinoys are usually kind and warm, and always carry a smile on our faces.

IHeartPh piloted in 2018 on CNN Philippines. Now on its 8th season, the magazine show continues to deliver its promise by showcasing inspiring stories and aspirational features.

I love experiencing new things and going to new places,” says Valerie. “But more than that, my most favorite part is meeting people from all walks of life, connecting with them, and sharing their stories to our viewers.

IHeart PH spreads good vibes here and abroad. In fact, it has been chosen by the Taiwanese government for its tourism promotion. Serving as a regular TV program partner for Philippine promotion, the beauty of Taiwan has been showcased several times. The most recent of which is the “Love Fun Taiwan” campaign.

We are proud that our show is appreciated outside the country,” beams Executive Producer Vanessa Verzosa. “Maybe, the reason why the Taiwanese government trusts us is that they see the direction of the show, which is really to promote inspiring stories and aspirational features. The show is aligned to their goal.

IHeartPH has gained the trust and support of big and small companies, global and local brands as well as famous and ordinary personalities in sharing their stories.

Every story we do is unique and there’s always a good takeaway, not only for the viewers but also for me!,” Valerie adds.

As program host, Valerie gets to immerse herself in the many stories featured in the program. She enjoys every feature. One of the features she immensely enjoyed was her visit to the Amis tribe, the largest indigenous ethnic group in Taiwan. There she got a glimpse of how they live, fish, cook, and even dance! “It’s interesting to note that just like us Filipinos, they love to sing and dance!

Another memorable feature is the rags to riches story of a member of an essential oil company. This proves that your past doesn’t define your future, and you can use the challenges you encountered to fuel you for success.

Eight seasons and counting, IHeartPh is here to stay in the heart of our Filipino viewers. And it continues to ignite Filipinos’ love for the country.

IHeartPH CNN Philippines
Host Valerie Tan of IHeartPH

Our commitment is to showcase world-class visual narratives to our viewers,” says program director Jallawee Beritan. “We listen to our viewers because they deserve a program that does not only feed their senses but their soul.

Produced by TV8 Media Productions, IHeartPh Season 8 airs this coming Sunday with fresh episode every Sundays thereafter, July 16, 7 PM on CNN Philippines. It replays on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM.

You can be assured you’ll feel inspired after each episode,” quips Valerie. “No matter where our show takes us; at the end of the day, the Philippines will always be home.

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