Eri Curry Adds Black Series In Their Menu

It was a delight to find a Japanese curry house where diners can customize a curry dish, especially the level of spiciness. We’ve been to Eri Curry in SM Megamall a couple of times. What we like most in this Japanese curry house is their huge and customizable servings and spiciness.

We love to eat and dessert has been our favorite part of the meal. We’re into sweets more than spicy food. We like Eri Curry‘s concept, it lessen food waste by allowing customers to choose even the amount of rice they want.

For example, an order of Katsu Curry can be shared by couple like us. For rice you may choose from small, medium and large servings.


New Black Series

A few weeks ago, we revisited the store to try the newest addition in the Eri Curry menu, the Black Series.

It showcases popular Japanese Dishes from Gyudon, Soba and the famous Tempura. Furthermore, to make it more appetising, food were served in black matte traditional plates to distinguish it from their famous Curry Plates on white plates.

Eri Curry Katsudon
Eri Curry Katsudon

We started with Gyudon (P300), a bowl of beef rice cooked to perfection topped with Eri Curry’s special steak sauce. Each serving has just right amount of tender and juicy beef strips.

What came next was the famous Katsudon, Eri Curry version. It’s a crispy katsu rice bowl topped with Eri Curry’s special steak sauce. It was wifey’s favorite.

Kare Soba
Gyuniku Kare Soba (P240) Stir-fried sobra noodles, beef and vegetables in curry-style.  Tofu Curry (P160) Stir-fried Tofu and vegetables in Eri Curry’s Special Curry Sauce.


Not to forget is the Tofu Steak (P160). It’s a stir-fried tofu and vegetable with special steak sauce. It was another favorite.

Tofu Steak
Tofu Steak

Seats For Two recommends Butaniku Kare Soba (P240). It’s a stir-fried soba noodle cooked with porkloin and vegetables, curry-style.

Eri-Curry Black Series Salad
Eri-Curry Black Series Salad

For a light yet flavorful entree, there’s Spicy Ebi Salad (P190) a fresh salad with ebi tempura drizzled with Eri Curry’s spicy salad dressing.

For fish lovers, try the Spicy Fish Salad (P160) Fresh salad with fish tempura drizzled with Eri Curry’s spicy salad dressing.

Karage Tempura
Kakiage Tempura

Something to look forward to again on our next visit would be the Kakiage Tempura (P140). It’s a mixed vegetable tempura comprises of carrots, sweet potato, squash, green bell peper. It was perfectly cooked and crunchy. These vegetable were a bit sweet, we like it.

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Eri Curry
Seats For Two at Eri Curry SM Megamall

Have you dined-in at Eri Curry and tried one of the dishes in the Black Series? Share your thoughts and feedback about the place at the comment section below. Eri Curry Black Series is available at Eri Curry SM Megamall.

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