Fun Afternoon Over Wackie Corn Chips and Harry Chocolate

Watching a movie, traveling or just hanging out with friends won’t be complete without a bag of our favorite corn chips. Recently, we tried products from YanYan International – the makers of  Wackie Corn Chips and Harry Chocolate.

Harry Chocolate
Wackie Corn Chips

Wackie corn chips and Harry chocolates were release in 2017. Other Yan Yan products we tried includes the King Corn snacks, the Mini pillow wafer and the Yam Shots which the wifey bought at IFEX a few years back.

Yan Yan Corporation
Harry Chocolate

Wackie corn chips and Harry chocolate’s are made of  of high-quality ingredients. You can relish the crunchiness of the natural corn in Wackie’s chips. Wackie stands out even more because it is the first salted-egg corn chips in the market.

Meanwhile, Harry’s Chocolate Bars has the sweetness of the finest chocolate, and been whipped up in Yan Yan food’s labs to match the highest international standards.

Wackie Snacks
Wackie Snacks

Wackie Corn Chips comes in six variants: salted egg, cheese, BBQ, Hot Chili, Wasabi and Turkey. We tried the Salted Egg variant and it was good.

Harry’s Chocolate Bars comes in three variants: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and milk chocolate with rice crispies. We have yet to try the harry chocolates though.

King Corn Snacks

Yan Yan International (Phils.) Inc. has been a provider of many snack foods, beverages, and bread that have catered to the Filipino taste for decades. Its range of offerings include Koolers and Quench juice drinks, King Corn, Karoke Green Peas, Sugpo, Yum Shots, Venus Chocolates Mi Amore Chocolates, Choco Power, Crispynets, Choco Loops, Happy Club, Pam Pam, Whimsy Wafer Sticks, Mini Pillow Wafer, Finger Snacks, Wookie Cookie, Cheep Chips, and Melle’s Bread Butter Cheese Loaf.

Yan Yan products we got from the 1 minute shopping challenge

Yan Yan’s Wackie Corn Chips and Harry Chocolate Bars are available in 7 Eleven, Mini Stop, Alfa Mart, All Day, Puregold, SM Supermarket, SM Snack Exchange, SM Hypermarket, South Supermarket, Isetann, Landmark, Super 8, SRS, Cash and Carry, Unitop, Unimart, Hi Top and Budget King. Yan Yan has also been exporting Wackie Corn Chips and Harry Chocolate Bars to other countries.

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Have you tried any of the Yan Yan products? What is your favorite?

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