Pacific Bay Food Fest: “Waves of Flavor!”

Most of our favorite food are fish-based dishes. Not only are they easy to prepare, it adds flavor to simple dishes.  So whenever asked to choose between a rib eye or baked fish, I would choose the latter.

Last week, Seats For Two was invited to Pacific Bay‘s “Waves of Flavor“, Pacific Bay Food Fest was held at the al fresco area of Century City Mall. Here, we tasted unique seafood dishes prepared using famous chefs from different restaurants using Pacific Bay products.


Pacific Bay carries a wide variety of seafood products  from different parts of the world. Some of which are, Chilean seabass from the Antarctic, Salmon from Norway, and Halibut from Greenland.

The brand also offers Atlantic Cod and Bacalao from Iceland and Black cod or Gindara caught in Alaska. Vietnam is where Pacific Bay gets its Cream Dory, clams and squid rings. Their crab sticks are obtained from Thailand and the scallop meat is from the US. Tuna and shrimps are gathered from local territory as well as nearby Indonesia. Lastly, soft shell crabs are from Indonesia too.

Jerome Valencia’s Soft shell Crab In A Stick

Knowing that seafood easily spoils and must be consumed immediately. I inquired how Pacific Bay products were selected and packed before they arrive in our favorite supermarkets.

Vask Arrozabanda
Vask Arrozabanda

They replied that every item released to the market is carefully selected. “We only buy from certified plants,” reveals Enrique Valles, President of Pacific Bay. “The company works very closely with the Food and Drug Association and runs its own facility which strictly abides by mandated manufacturing practices. Quality inspections of equipment and personnel for food handling and safety are done regularly. ‘

Jonas Ng Seared Scallops with Lardon & Leek Fondue

A cold chain is strictly followed when handling and transporting the products so quality is maintained and natural seafood texture is retained. The taste and freshness are locked into each double-packed bag.

Pacific Bay monitors its products up to the selling points. “We have on site merchandisers that monitor and take care of the products at the supermarkets,” assures Valles.

Tin-Gonzalez Hot Seafood Dip
Tin-Gonzalez Hot Seafood Dip
Seared Scallops Bruschetta w/Truffle Cheese Sauce & Caviar

Pacific Bay Food Fest

At the Food Fest, chefs from different Metro Manila restaurants gathered together and presented their very own Pacific Bay dishes.

Our top three favorites goes to:

  • Jerome Valencia’s Soft shell Crab In A Stick
  • Jonas Ng Seared Scallops with Lardon & Leek Fondue
  • Tristan Encarnacion’s  Seared Scallops, Sea Bass, Bacalao and Organic Greens & Chilled Pacific Bay Tuna.
Seared Scallops, Sea Bass, Bacalao and Organic Greens & Chilled Pacific Bay Tuna

More from Pacific Bay

After the event, Pacific Bay gave us some products to try at home.

I got a pack of soft shell crabs, clams, Tuna and Halibut steak. I immediately prepared a simple clam dish with chili leaves and lemon grass the next day.

Pacific Bay products are available at Rustan’s, S&R, Puregold, Shopwise and other leading supermarkets nationwide.

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Have you tried any of the Pacific Bay products? Check them out as they offer a wide variety of fresh seafood at an affordable price. Then share with us your feedback  about the product/s in the comment section below!

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