Samgyupsalamat Now Offers Dosirak To-Go Meal Boxes

Korea has four seasons, and this played a huge factor in what meals to prepare for their family. Last year, we toured around Seoul. South Korea and the nearby provinces including Namiseom or popularly known as Nami Island. Food is one of the highlights of our trip. We really enjoyed Korean food and we missed those cute dosirak or meal boxes.

Dosirak or Korean Meal Boxes
Dosirak or Korean Meal Boxes

Good thing, we can have authentic Korean food in Manila anytime, anywhere. Samgyupsalamat, a pioneering name in the realm of Unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants now offers “Dosirak” or Korean TO-GO Meal Box. A perfect treat for those who wants to enjoy Korean food at the comfort of their home. Dosirak in Korea is like bento boxes in Japan. It has rice, about two to three side dishes and protein such as beef, pork or chicken.

Seats For Two at Korean Cultural Center
Seats For Two at Korean Cultural Center

Started on August 21, 2023, both takeout customers and those seeking the convenience of delivery can indulge in the delightful flavors of authentic Korean cuisine, anytime, anywhere! Recognizing the evolving preferences of Filipino samgyupsal enthusiasts, Samgyupsalamat’s “Dosirak” TO-GO Meal Box presents a well-crafted solution to satisfy your samgyupsal cravings! With Samgyupsalamat’s Dosirak, you can now enjoy a K-good Korean BBQ Meal anytime, anywhere! A Dosirak To-go Meal box is a combination of Samgyupsalamat’s patrons favorite dishes. With every Dosirak Meal box  you can enjoy a meat of your choice, rice, doenjang soup, fishcake and japchae.

An Array of Delights in Three Unique Combinations

Samgyupsalamat’s culinary artistry is showcased in three exciting TO-GO meal combinations, ensuring that every palate finds its perfect match.

Dosirak Beef Ensemble (P299)

A symphony of flavors with Cheesy Beef Samgyup, Korean Bulgogi Beef, Yangnyum Beef, Gochujang Beef, and Gravy Beef, all meticulously crafted to create a harmonious beef extravaganza.

Dosirak Pork Ensemble
Dosirak Pork Ensemble (P289)

Savor the succulent joy of Cheesy Pork Dae-Pae, Cheesy Buljib, Yangnyum Dae-Pae, Gochujang Samgyup, and the exquisite Yangnyum Buljib, uniting to present a delectable pork-centric feast.

Dosirak Chicken Ball Medley
Dosirak Chicken Ball Medley (P269)

For those seeking a delightful alternative, the Chicken Ball Medley TO-GO Meal Box offers Cheesy Fried Chicken Balls, Yangnyum, and Gochujang flavors – a perfect blend of crispy texture and vibrant taste.

Samgyupsalamat’s TO-GO Meal Boxes are crafted to ensure that all their patrons can have a K-good time anytime and anywhere! For more details on Samgyupsalamat and the exciting TO-GO Meal Box offerings, please visit on their FB Page here.

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We love the beef and chicken balls medley. The side dishes tastes good as well especially the glass noodles (japchae). Try these new offerings from Samgyupsalamat and let us know what which one is your favorite.

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