CIMB Launches Pinoy Mavericks Awards

CIMB Bank recently launched the first-ever CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards in the Philippines Honoring Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Adversity.

CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards
CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards

This advocacy aims to honor inspiring stories of triumph after travails, while also promoting financial inclusion and social responsibility.

Pinoy Mavericks Awards

For the inaugural run of the Pinoy Mavericks Awards, they have chosen individuals who shares their own unique stories of overcoming adversity and their journey facing these challenges head on.

We believe in celebrating the triumphs of everyday people who have overcome challenges and adversities to achieve extraordinary results and are exemplary contributors to their own communities,” said CIMB Bank PH CEO Vijay Manoharan.

The pioneering nominees of the CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards are:

CIMB Mavericks Nominees
CIMB Mavericks Nominees

Ms. MK Bertulfo of FHMoms – Filipina Homebased Moms for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.
Mr. Myke Celis of Best Me Ever by Global Master Coach
Mr. Steve Dailisan for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.
Ms. Phoebe Fructuoso for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.
Mr. Marlon Fuentes of Marlon Tourette Vlog for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.
Ms. Erline Grace Maniquis of DEAFinitely Beautiful for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.
Ms. Jkhriez Pastrana for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.
Ms. April C. Perreras for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.
Mr. Myke Celis of f Best Me Ever by Global Master Coach Myke Celis.
Mr. Jerico Ramota for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.
Mr. Jerico Silvers for CIMB Pinoy Mavericks Awards.

Their stories span a wide range of challenges experienced by many, such as financial adversity, physical disability, and loss of assets or loved ones, among others.

Through the Pinoy Mavericks Awards, we hope to inspire, empower, and ignite the spark within more of our fellow Pinoys to overcome their perceived limitations, make an impact to their communities, and truly pursue their purpose with the help of CIMB Bank,” he shared. “This is very much in line with our mission as a Bank in the Philippines that is a pioneer in driving financial inclusion and digital banking. Our mission is to impact and improve the lives of our customers through our products and services and give them easy access to saving and borrowing to meet their financial needs.

The winners of the first Pinoy Mavericks Awards will receive a cash prize, half of which will be donated to a charity or cause of their choice to continue the spirit of giving back to the community.

When we first came to the Philippines, we were a small player amid long-established banking giants in the country,” said D’Artagnan Aguilar, Chief Marketing Officer of CIMB Bank Philippines. “Like David facing Goliath, we forged our own path to get to where we are now, the trusted partner of 8 million customers in just five years. This is the spirit of being a maverick we hope to impart with others so that they will be empowered to live their life purpose.

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Ms. April C. Perreras, a Breast Cancer Survivor
Ms. April C. Perreras, a Breast Cancer Survivor

Learn more about the Pinoy Mavericks Awards on the CIMB website or watch the video above.

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