Colours of Hope: Art Installation and Exhibit For Cancer Advocacy

With growing evidence that they can help patients and their families heal, colorful art installations and exhibits are becoming more prevalent in cancer centers. This February, an art exhibit entitled Colours of Hope, the third solo exhibition of Filipino visual artist and philanthropist Joyce Herrera-Wong.

Showcasing twenty colourful, exotic works that reflect the artist’s appreciation of nature and reveal her worldwide travels will be featured in the exhibit. Nature is depicted in pixel perfect intricacy, with landscapes and seascapes composed in unwavering symmetry and hues captured in their most vibrant during a certain time of day – all in an attempt to recreate the artist’s first hand impression of vistas only known by well-travelled eyes. Apart from being painted with keen attention to details, impeccable balance and intense colours, nature is illustrated in the show as a harmonious ecosystem of terrain, water, foliage, birds and people. As such, viewers will see a running stream framed by deciduous forests in reds and greens, glorious sunrises and stunning sunsets and flowers blooming in different terrains.

All proceeds will go to the House of Hope Foundation for Kids with Cancer, Inc. (HOHF), a SEC registered, non-stock, non-profit charity organization established to respond to the needs of children with cancer in marginalized communities from all over Mindanao. Its vision is to Bring Hope, Live Life, and Attain Cure for children with cancer. Its core values include compassion, holistic care, excellence, child cancer advocacy and environmental protection.

House of Hope Foundation

About the Artist

Ms. Joyce Atilano Herrera-Wong hails from Cebu is a passionate supporter of the vulnerable and marginalized communities. She has been actively involved in solo and group exhibits for charitable causes. Herrera-Wong’s art exposure is diverse. She took up Chinese watercolor painting in 1986 while her family was based in Taiwan, and Classical Realism in 2007 upon moving to Hong Kong. She has done exhibits in other countries like Hong Kong and the United States.

The House of Hope Foundation

HOHF aims to bring together families, advocates, communities, government, and child cancer networks to work together to provide the best possible chances of providing holistic, multidisciplinary care for these children with cancer. You too can help, contact the House of Hope Foundation for more details.

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To know more about House of Hope Foundation for Kids with Cancer, Inc., you may visit They are located at Southern Philippines Medical Center Compound, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. The art exhibit will happen on 20 Feb at Roxas Triangle 2, Makati City.

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