Meet Melody Avecilla: Author of “SELLebrate” and CEO of Cost Wise Insurance

Many people are hoping to migrate to USA, primarily to find a better life in the land of opportunity. But the question is how to migrate to United States, where to begin? A revolutionary chapter in entrepreneurial opportunity is being written by Melody Avecilla, the illustrious founder of Cost Wise Insurance and the author of the best-selling book, SELLebrate.

The book "Sellebrate" with Melody Avecilla
The book “Sellebrate” with Melody Avecilla

A few days ago, we met Melody Avecilla for the Philippine launch of her book, SELLebrate held at Club Filipino. During the intimate event, we learned many things about her journey to the US. Melody is also here in the country to participate in the coming Philippine Franchise in SMX.

Gateway to Prosperity

With the unveiling of an unparalleled franchising opportunity, Cost Wise Insurance stands at the forefront of insurance service innovation, beckoning Filipinos to the American Dream with the promise of business ownership in the United States.

Established on the cornerstone principles of efficiency, affordability, and superior customer service, Cost Wise Insurance has carved its niche as a leading Insurance Super Center. It is here that individuals and businesses from varied sectors find a haven for their insurance needs, enveloped in trust and excellence.

at Club Filipino
at Club Filipino

Moreover, the inventive mind behind Runway Heels, Melody Avecilla, can be said to be a portrait of innovation and success. As a seasoned expert with over 20 years in the insurance industry, she is considered to be a thought leader as featured in Forbes, and a mentor who has propelled hundreds of agents towards their dreams.

Sellebrate the book
“Sellebrate”, the book

Our suite of insurance products is comprehensive, encompassing everything from business insurance for varied industries to personal protection and financial services. Whether you’re a healthcare facility or a restaurant, an auto body shop, or manage a commercial fleet, we’ve built coverage options to secure your enterprise and family against the unpredictable,” states Avecilla, exuding the confidence of a leader who has stood at the helm of insurance innovation.

For over two decades, Cost Wise Insurance, showcasing a formidable portfolio of over 25 top-rated insurance carriers, has held the mantle of a full-service agency where time and cost-efficiency are not just valued—they are revered. The company’s licensed specialists are the architects of customized plans, meticulously designed to fit the unique requirements of each client.

with Melody Avecilla
with Melody Avecilla

This strategic expansion through franchising is an open invitation to entrepreneurial minds longing to be part of a legacy of success and customer-centric service. Avecilla explains, “The launch of this franchising opportunity marks a new era for Cost Wise Insurance. We are eager to embrace ambitious individuals into our fold, nurturing a community bound by a shared passion for exemplary service and inherent value.

Franchising Program

The franchising program by Cost Wise Insurance is a masterclass in accessibility and support. It offers franchisees an arsenal of resources, ongoing guidance, and a robust training program, setting them on a trajectory towards success in a competitive landscape.

As an Independent Insurance Agent, Cost Wise Insurance offers its clients the luxury of choice and the warmth of personalized service. It’s a symbiotic relationship with financially solid and reputable insurance companies that ensures the best coverage at the most competitive prices.

Embracing the Filipino community, Cost Wise Insurance lays down the red carpet for Filipinos seeking to embark on their business journey in the US. The company’s investor visa program is a beacon for families striving for a new chapter of opportunity and prosperity in the United States.

Sellebrate Book Launch

In tandem with the franchising opportunity is the launch of Avecilla‘s book, “Sellebrate: Sales Guide for Those Who Hate to Lose.” This manifesto redefines the ethos of sales in an era where only the tenacious thrive. “Sellebrate” is the crystallization of Avecilla’s profound expertise, a tactical manual for those who relentlessly chase victory.

Sellebrate” delves into the essence of a sale, offering readers an opportunity to master the art of deal-closure and transform challenges into triumphs. The book is a treasure trove of practical strategies and psychological insights designed to empower you to outshine the competition.

For more information on how to be a part of this franchising journey, or to discover how “Sellebrate” can revolutionize your approach to sales, visit, or reach out directly through their official communication channels.

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Congratulations to Melody Avecilla and Cost Wise Insurance as they celebrate this milestone in helping others to reach the American Dream!

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