Robinsons Easymart is finally available on foodpanda!

It’s 34 days before Christmas! I’m juggling between work and arranging the house for the holiday season. Instead of going out, I opt to save my time and money by doing online grocery through the foodpanda app.

convenient shopping via foodpanda

In this day and age, navigating life with a limited time frame when everyone and everything wants a piece of your attention has become quite the challenge. So, maximize living (with the digital world at your disposal) and save time plus money – the millennial way – with foodpanda and its recent shop addition, Robinsons Easymart!

“Through this, consumers will be able to conveniently access the same trusted brands and essentials they normally seek in-stores in just a few taps.” shared Stanley C. Co, Managing Director – Robinsons Easymart.

Robinsons Easymart on foodpanda
Robinsons Easymart on foodpanda

1. For your Mommy and Baby needs!
Need to stock up on baby necessities but always on the clock between parenting duties and work? Opt for the most convenient and speedy solution with foodpanda shops. Choose among their market-partners roster, including the newly added grocery and parent go-to Robinsons Easymart! Find your favorite top-quality baby essentials such as Nido 3 Milk Powder and Pampers BabyDry Pants 3XL in ease. Then, save big with in-app exclusive daily promo deals!

2. For your party needs
Prepping for mini parties or reunions can be time-consuming. It requires maximum browsing and perusing to craft the best snack menu worthy of pleasing the crowd. So, why not go virtual and fuss-free with foodpanda shops? Discover an extensive catalog of items available in shops like Robinsons Easymart. From chips go-to’s, Pringles BBQ to party-favorite refreshments, Coke Light 320ML. PLUS, you can order now or set a preferred delivery schedule!

3. For the budget-savvy
Living on a budget can bring up the occasional internal battle of narrowing down your pantry must-haves and choosing between needs over wants, but it doesn’t always have to be that way!

The quick fix? Level up your pantry game. Save even while snagging products like Spam Luncheon Meat Lite 340G or Bounty Fresh Fresh Egg Premium Large 12s to your heart’s

4. For the morning rush
Already got a lot on your plate (no pun intended) but need to whip out a last-minute breakfast or lunch meal? Skip on the traffic, the queues, and the aisle strolls even while fulfilling your checklists via delivery!

Ready to order? Download the foodpanda app to be one of the first to order from Robinsons Easymart, available on the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple App Store (IOS). Learn more about foodpanda through Facebook and Instagram.

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Get the best bet quick and easy ulams like Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog and Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino in Robinsons Easymart, and have it delivered instantly, in as fast as 20 minutes while in the comfort of your own home!

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