How to Lock & Unlock Your BDO Debit Card

Many people find cashless transactions more convenient and hassle-free. Most of the time, we carry our debit and credit cards to make purchases and or pay the bills. While we’re enjoying the benefits and advantages of our debit cards, we should also stay vigilant and know how to protect our hard-earned money.

BDO Lock Unlock Safety

Did you know that there’s a lock and unlock feature on your BDO debit card? You may lock your BDO Debit Card if you’re not using it to avoid unauthorized transactions and just unlock it anytime you need to use your ATM.

“The Card Lock setting protects your BDO Debit Card from unauthorized transactions. If you misplace or lose your debit card, you can lock your card to prevent ATM transactions and in-store and online payments from being processed”.

Protecting Your ATM Cards

You can simply unlock your card if you want to use it. Here’s the easy 4 steps to LOCK or UNLOCK your BDO Debit Card:
1. Log-in to BDO Online Banking account at
2. Click the Card Security Management on the upper right portion of the home screen.
3. Slide the toggle button of the card that you want to lock or unlock.
4. Click ‘Submit’ and enter your One-Time PIN (OTP).

You can also LOCK o UNLOCK your BDO Debit Card using the BDO Digital Banking app on your phone:
1. Log-in to BDO Online app.
2. Tap ‘More’ and ‘Security Management’
3. Slide or choose which card you would like to lock or unlock.

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There’s no limit in locking and unlocking your BDO Debit Card. That’s awesome, right? So what are you waiting, try this features today! Make sure to check your bank’s statement regularly to see any discrepancies and unauthorized transactions. Finally, it’s best to change your PIN and password every few months for added security.

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