The Philippine Sustainability Movement Event at Marriott Manila

SeaTrace International, the market leader in sustainable seafood distribution in Manila, proudly continues its partnership with Marriott Manila with The Philippine Sustainability Movement Event 2023. The gathering hosted at the Marriott Grand Ballroom last June 16 aims to address ocean conservation in the Philippines, sustainable seafood, plastic reduction, urban farming, and certifications from Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and Naturland.

Marriott Grand Ballroom
The Sustainability Movement

The Sustainability Movement, organized by SeaTrace International, has gained momentum as a platform for driving positive change and promoting sustainable practices in the region. With the support of Marriott Manila, the event serves as a continuation of the movement, bringing together government, environmental groups and fisheries NGOs, top hotels, key stakeholders and passionate individuals who are committed to protecting our oceans and promoting a sustainable future and to declare their support for the promotion of sustainable seafood, plastic reduction, as well as the need for certifications and responsible sourcing. The hotel groups displayed examples of their successful projects in the implementation of their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and served delightful seafood creations.

Giant Tuna
The grand reveal of “the greatest catch,” a whole tuna

“The importance of sustainable seafood and environmental protection cannot be overstated. By prioritizing responsible sourcing, traceability, and certifications like ASC, MSC or Naturland, we can ensure the health of our oceans and the availability of seafood for future generations,” said Christian Schmidradner, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of SeaTrace International.

Philippine Sustainability Movement
Philippine Sustainability Movement

“We are excited to partner again with Marriott Manila and host this event, which will foster crucial conversations and inspire collective action towards more sustainable food supply chains. A very important focus in this event is also plastic reduction, which is also directly linked to clean oceans and therefore sustainable seafood.”

Solaire Resort Manila
Presented by the Solaire Resort Manila
Newport World Resorts
Newport World Resorts President and CEO Kingson Sian

The event features two engaging whole-day workshop sessions, each dedicated to a crucial aspect of sustainability. The first session focuses on ocean conservation and sustainable seafood, fostering discussions on responsible sourcing, traceability, and the importance of seafood certifications. The second session tackles plastic reduction and urban farming, exploring innovative approaches to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable agriculture in urban environments. Research shows that the hospitality industry uses 150 million tons of single-use plastic a year globally. Moreover, 170 trillion plastic particles are choking our world’s oceans. Plastic pollution poses a grave threat to the people and the environment. It endangers all life forms on Earth, from biodiversity loss to people’s health and livelihood, including that of fisherfolk,” said Marian
Ledesma, Zero Waste Campaigner, Greenpeace Philippines.

Fresh seafood!
Fresh seafood!

We commend SeaTrace International and Marriott Manila for organizing this event, where businesses and other stakeholders can explore plastic reduction strategies like reuse systems, and inspire action towards a plastic-free future.

Marriott Manila Sustainability
Marriott Manila Sustainability

Marriott upholds its commitment to provide wonderful hospitality, acknowledging the pivotal role that culinary arts plays in achieving a holistic experience hence creating wonderful memories that surpass a lifetime. “Marriott Manila is honored to host this important sustainability event in collaboration with SeaTrace International”, said Meik Brammer, Executive Chef at Marriott Manila and I Love Earth (ILE) Sustainable Culinary Champion.

Marriott Manila Sustainability
Marriott Manila Sustainability Event

“As a hospitality brand, we recognize our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact and support sustainable practices. This event aligns with our global initiative Serve360 and property-wide campaign I Love Earth to promoting sustainability and driving positive change within the industry.”

Furthermore, the event showcases the success of the Philippine MSC Yellowfin Tuna project, “Our efforts in securing MSC certification for our partner small-scale tuna fishers has shed light on the significance of sustainable fishing practices. It is a powerful example of how responsible sourcing can contribute to the conservation of our oceans and the uplifting of those coastal communities that rely upon the worlds’ fisheries,” said Joann Binondo of World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Sushi and Sashimi
Sushi and Sashimi

As a culmination of the event, journalists, reporters, media outlets, and interested guests gathered at the Marriott Grand Ballroom to witness the declaration and commitment of the participating hotels and organizations in addressing the issue of ocean conservation in the Philippines.

Marriott Sustainability
the hardworking chefs behind the event

About SeaTrace International
SeaTrace International is the leading provider of sustainable seafood distribution in Manila. With a strong commitment to responsible sourcing and traceability, SeaTrace International aims to promote sustainable seafood solution to the market.

Seats For Two at Marriott Manila
Seats For Two at Marriott Manila

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We enjoyed the unique dishes created by various hotel groups. Congratulations to Marriott Manila and SeaTrace International for a successful event!

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