RWM Kicked Off Its Sustainability Initiative

Some hotels take sustainability more seriously than others.  As a frequent traveler and an advocate of organic farming, we appreciate even small efforts such as the use of energy-saving products in hotel rooms; green cards encouraging guests to conserve water among others. We love staying in hotels and resorts who advocate sustainable living.

About a week ago, we attended the launch of “I Love Earth” by Resorts World Manila (RWM). The first Integrated Resort in the Philippines won praise from LEVER Foundation, a United States-based international NGO, for its commitment to join the global shift towards the use of only cage-free eggs across all hotels, and food and beverage (F&B) outlets in the IR by 2025 as part of its sustainable culinary initiative.

RWM “I Love Earth” Campaign

On the same day, RWM also kicked off its overarching sustainability program dubbed, “I Love Earth” with the launch of its Sustainable Culinary initiative advocating the use of cage-free eggs.

Unique and tasty dishes created with cage-free eggs

Resorts World Manila President and CEO’s overarching message, “Cage-free eggs are just the start. With “I Love Earth,” we are uniting the efforts of RWM and all its hotel partners to promote not just sustainable operations throughout the property, but also sustainable living among our staff and all our stakeholders.”

Held at the Den of Marriott Manila, guests were treated to a mouthwatering dishes featuring cage-free eggs.

Chef Meik & Chef Rej Casanova of Marriott Manila prepared a unique tapsilog with beef tapa flakes, pulled rice, labuyo pearls and calamansi.

Eggs Two Ways

Chef Ryuji of Hotel Okura served us Onsen Tamago, a Japanese soft cooked egg served with Dashi sauce Aonori. Meanwhile Chef Lord Bayaban called his dish ‘cloud 9’, it has pandesal bagel, house-made corned beef, fresh lettuce, cage-free egg foam, poached egg yolk finish with hollandaise sauce.

vegetarian cage-free egg rendang

‘Eggs Two Ways’ with Bohol asin tibuok, pulled pork barbecue and adlai rice was the dish from Sheraton Hotel Manila. Last but not the least, Chef Goh Sew Kong and Chef Fook Lim Loh cook a vegetarian cage-free egg rendang.

RWM I Love Earth

Bruce Winton, Multi-property Vice President of Marriott International for the Philippines and over-all Chairman of the I Love Earth sustainability program, expresses delight in leading this initiative of the IR. “It is indeed an honor to be entrusted by RWM with this important role and lead the significant endeavor of chartering the course of I Love Earth, a concerted initiative of all hotels and operating units within the IR towards sustainable operations. Purposely and sincerely, we embrace what this program stands for, and that is putting Earth to Heart, the same dictum that we in Marriott International also champion, all aimed at serving our valuable guests, communities and fellow associates brilliantly, while taking great care to respect and preserve our environment.”

Cage-Free Eggs Marriott

On the other hand, Marriott Hotel Manila Executive Chef Meik Brammer chairs the Sustainable Culinary Committee of I Love Earth, taking the lead in joint sourcing of cage-free eggs of all the hotels and F&B outlets in RWM. “Egg is a symbol of a new life or a start of something bright and sunny. Our pledge to use cage-free eggs is just one of the many things we are doing and we want to do in terms of Sustainable Culinary. It is an honor to be able to lay the groundwork in launching a noble endeavor, more so to become a part of jumpstarting a hardworking sustainability program such as I Love Earth,” says Brammer.

Key officials, General Managers, and Executive Chefs of Resorts World Manila, Marriott Hotel Manila, Sheraton Manila Hotel, Hilton Manila, and Hotel Okura Manila graced the occasion. The hotels’ Executive Chefs served guests with their version of dishes with Cage-free Egg during the event.

Batangas Free Range Chicken (BFRC), one of the partners which will supply sustainable products to the different hotels and F&B outlets, sampled its egg products during the launch. BFRC, founded by Emerson Sicar, is a Social Enterprise (SE) which was born out of passion to provide alternative healthy poultry products and livelihood in the Philippines.

Emerson Siscar of Batangas Free Range Chicken

Robyn del Rosario, Sustainability Program Manager at Lever Foundation closely worked with RWM and Marriott Hotel Manila to provide useful information that would help further polish the project. “We congratulate Resorts World Manila for being the very first Integrated Resort in the Philippines and in the APAC region to commit to sourcing only cage-free eggs for its operations. The new cage-free egg policy will improve the welfare of animals in the complex’s supply chain while also reinforcing Resorts World Manila’s commitment along with the other participating hotels to provide world-class experiences to its guests,” says del Rosario.

Lever Foundation Recognizes RWM

​Leading animal protection and food safety organizations around the world encourage a switch to cage-free eggs, which are more humane to animals and safer for consumers. On caged egg farms, each egg-laying hen is confined for nearly her entire life in a cage so small she can barely turn around. Research by the European Food Safety Authority and others has found that cage-free egg farms are up to 25 times less likely to be contaminated with key strains of salmonella compared to hens raised in cages. Battery cage egg production has been banned throughout the European Union as well as in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, India, and parts of the United States.

In recent years an increasing number of restaurant, hospitality, retail and packaged food brands have pledged to use only cage-free eggs in the Philippines. Resorts World Manila is the first Integrated Resort in the Philippines and in the APAC region to make a commitment to cage-free egg sourcing.

About Lever Foundation
Lever Foundation is a global NGO based in the United States and operating across southeast Asia. Lever Foundation works with leading food companies in the Philippines and across the region to help them upgrade their protein sourcing for a more humane, safe and sustainable supply chain, with a focus on cage-free eggs and alternative protein.

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We enjoyed the unique dishes created with cage-free eggs. Congratulations to Resorts World Hotel and to all the hotels participating in this great initiative.

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