She Cheezifies, He Baconize!

I want my spaghetti cheesier, much better with too much pasta sauce. For burgers, hubby loves to add freshly cooked, crispy bacon. With that, it’s obvious that I love cheese and he’ll probably go for bacon/bacon bits!

KFC recently launched what they call KFC Cheezy Bacon Fest where customers can cheezify and baconize anything they want in KFC Philippines.

SeatsForTwo went to KFC Jupiter Street last week to try their latest offerings the cheezified and baconized snacks such as Twister, Chik’n Fillet, Bucket of Fries. Moreover, KFC makes its signature big sandwich even more delectable by adding cheese and bacon, the Zinger.

There’s no need to go back and forth the condiments area for more gravy. While I add cheese sauce (cheezify) on my favorite KFC Mashed Potato, he will baconize (bacon bits) it and create a fantastic cheezy-bacon Mashed Potato!

Yes, from now on you can cheezify and baconize any of your favorites for an additional price (for only P30)!

I love the idea of adding cheese sauce and bacon bits on Twister (P85).

With cheese and bacon bits, the regular KFC Pasta Bowl becomes creamier and has a smoky bacon flavor.

From the food items I mentioned, Seats For Two loves the Bucket of Fries (P75) , with the cheese sauce and bacon bits it became more enjoyable to eat.

When it comes to food, I’m not that adventurous compared to my husband, Jonel. To prove that, check out what he did with his Krushers! He added cheese sauce and bacon bits on it! I wonder what it taste like so I tried it.

You can also cheezify and baconize macaroni salad, hot shots, rice, coffee, anything you want at KFC.

Try it for yourself and see the difference, create your craziest cheezify-baconize combination as well! You can follow KFC on Twitter @KFCPhilippines and like their Facebook page

Marjorie Uy

Marjorie Uy is the wifey in the tandem. She is passionate about food, recipes, cook books and dessert is her favorite part of the meal! She's a coffee person. She loves to cook and has collected recipe books for more than 15 years now; the latest is entitled "Everything Peanut Butter" Jonel gave her on their wedding day. She used to work as a Civilian Nurse in a military hospital and as NCLEX Coach for a U.S based company. Today, she's a full-time housewife and blogging become her hobby.

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