e’Nay App: A New Mobile App for Sari-sari Store Owners

The humble sari-sari store is our local neighborhood convenience store that offers mostly basic commodities. They are usually open as early as 5am and closes around 10pm, but there are a lot of sari-sari stores who operates 24/7. Most of the sari-sari store owners are moms, grandma and aunties.

Sari-sari store carries most of the basic needs from food and snacks, toiletries. Even emergency supplies such as candles, over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol to first aid needs. Can you imagine if there’s no sari-sari store in your community? Of they are close because the owners need to go to the market to get supplies and stocks.

BPI Direct BanKo Inc., A Savings Bank (BanKo), the microfinance arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), in partnership with Innovative Research and Intelligent Solutions Corp (INNOVARIS), launched the new e’Nay app that will empower sari-sari store owners to quickly, easily, and conveniently order, manage, and pay for their inventory through the online platform.

Banko e'Nay app
Banko e’Nay app

The e’Nay app, aptly named after hardworking mothers who also run their own sari-sari stores, will connect micro-retailers to distributors and wholesalers, revolutionizing the business process and contributing to BanKo’s commitment to promote financial inclusion in the country.

“With the e’Nay app, our BanKo nanays would have an easier time purchasing stocks of their goods to be sold. Kung noon ay kailangan nilang bumiyahe para makabili ng supply na tinatantya-tantya lang, ngayon ay mas mapaplano nila nang mabuti ang kanilang pagbili at mas mapadadali ang kanilang pagbayad sa tulong ng BanKo dahil kayang-kaya na nilang gawin sa isang app lang,” said Jojo Ocampo, BanKo Chairperson.

“As a trusted financial partner of the masang Pilipino, we are on a mission to provide them with affordable and easy access to financial solutions. We aim to empower sari-sari store owners through the use of technology, enabling them to have an efficient order and inventory management systems, and better and faster payment transactions with distributors and wholesalers,” she added.

By using the new e’Nay app, sari-sari store owners can now order their merchandise online–including beverages, soups and noodles, home care, personal care, snacks, canned goods, seasonings and condiments, and alcohol and tobacco—without leaving their stores. They can immediately pay through their PondoKo savings account linked to the app, and it will be credited directly to the distributor who will immediately deliver the order.

The app includes basic functionalities such as ordering, inventory control, payments, delivery and logistics. INNOVARIS developed, hosts, and manages the app, while BanKo provides the payment functionality.

“The e’Nay app was created with the nanays in mind. We wanted to know their pain points and discovered that sari-sari stores are disjointed and disorganized in their supply chain. They don’t usually have an inventory management system and the sari-sari store owners buy merchandise based on gut feel. We wanted to address that through the e’Nay app which is easy and convenient to use even for those who may not be tech-savvy,” said Rod Mabiasen, BanKo Business Head of Financial Inclusion and Microfinance Solutions.

To start using the app, one must open a BanKo PondoKo account and register in the e’Nay app. Sari-sari store owners need to list their store address and link PondoKo as payment method. After selecting the items and reviewing the order details, they can then check-out and enter their PondoKo MPIN to authorize the payment. The goods will be delivered within the same day for orders made before the 2:00 PM deadline from partner distributors located within an 8-10 kilometer radius. It is initially available in Bulacan and Cavite and will soon be offered in Pampanga and Laguna. It will continue to expand its coverage to other areas in the country as more distributors and wholesalers are enrolled as e’Nay app partners.

“In BPI, we continue to develop financial products that can help uplift the lives and nurture the future of self-employed microentrepreneurs in the country. With its recent initiatives, BanKo demonstrates that it is maaasahan, malalapitan, and mapagkakatiwalaan. We hope that this new app will be able to transform the lives of our sari-sari store owners for the better,” said BPI President and CEO TG Limcaoco.

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To date, BanKo has 319 branches present in 75 provinces. Since 2016, it has supported over 290,000 self-employed microentrepreneurs (SEMEs), informal workers, and the unbanked and underbanked segment through over Php 40 billion cumulative microfinance loans. Currently, nearly 32,000 sari-sari store owners have BanKo loans. BPI’s microfinance subsidiary also serves more than 630,000 depositors, highlighting BanKo’s dedication to driving financial inclusion and providing a tangible and positive impact to this sector.

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