Running with the Rain

Do you still remember the last time you played in the rain as a kid? Those were the times when you jumped for joy in wanton abandon, chasing raindrops as they fall from the sky.

Well, we kind of relived them earlier this morning as we had our first accidental ‘Rain Run‘. 🙂

11th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run
Seats For Two @ 11th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run

Accidental‘ because the race theme was nowhere ‘running in the rain‘, it was a ‘Buddy Run‘ by Robinsons Supermarket‘s 11th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run.

It just so happened that a few minutes before the actual run started, the rain came in a strong downpour, contrary to the organizers’ hope.

Not much loss though, as Robinsons Supermarket pushed through with the races when the rain slowed down before 6am.

Robinsons Supermarket
Runners in the Rain @ 11th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run

The Show Must Go On

Amidst the on-off rain at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City, the 11th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run kicked off at the parade grounds of the said venue with different types of running pairs!

You can see parents and kids, siblings, lolos and their apos, loved ones, officemates, best friends, even neighbors joining in the combined 5K & 10K races due to the weather turn-out.

The program and show went on with celebrity guests Drew Arellano and Jessy Mendiola gracing the event, among others.

Camp Aguinaldo
Camp Aguinaldo
Organique ACAI
Organique ACAI Booth at the Venue

Participating booth and brands also made the event more fun with freebies from Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth Nutrition, Abbott Nutrition, Fonterra, Organique ACAI, and Unilab.

After crossing the finish line with their buddies and celebrating fitness in a fun and exciting way, most of the participants also enjoyed exciting activity booths and took home big grocery loot bags that have been the trademark of the Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run through the years.

Participants who didn’t want to run in the rain were given the choice not to do so and was still able to claim their finishers’ big bag of grocery! Awesome!

Robinsons Supermarket
Thank you to Robinsons Supermarket!
Drew Arellano
Celebrity Guests Drew Arellano

“We are happy to provide an opportunity for people to start their wellness journey in a fun and one-of-a-kind event with their partners. After all, getting fit and choosing the healthier lifestyle is more worthwhile when shared with a buddy,” said Jody Gadia, Robinsons Supermarket general manager.

They say it is not how you finish a race but how you ran it that makes all the difference. Today was a testament to that. The elements of what a run should be were in place – race markers, timing clocks, arch, race marshalls, sponsors and participants were in place. What we had no control of was the weather. And this was probably one of the miracles today: People ran or walked with or without umbrellas. There were no times to beat. For some, the rain even made it more fun or refreshing. We saw people still smiling, walking, running or going through the booths. And this is why we do what we do. For moments like these,” shares Ms. Aja Totanes, Robinsons Supermarket Marketing Manager.

Know more about the Robinsons Supermarket’s 11th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run and what transpired this morning on their Facebook Page and website!

Wellness Buddy Run
Rain did not stop the Wellness Buddy Run 2018!
12th Wellness Buddy Run
See you at the 12th Wellness Buddy Run!

This was also our first “Rain Run” as we haven’t encountered getting on a run while raining! Fun experience! Last year’s Buddy Run was more sober though. 🙂

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See you next year at the 12th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run! 🙂

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  • July 8, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    Wow yearly pala eto Mukhang sulit din ang takbo nyu po kahit naulan, ganda ng smile nyu. Still successful parin si event 🙂


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