On Relationships: When A Husband’s Joke Go Overboard

Men generally loves to crack jokes. More so in the Filipino culture where a simple gathering can be the start of butt-joke friendly competition like the “wala ka sa lolo ko.. (you won’t believe what my grandpa can do)” series.

Stretching the thought to relationships and marriages, have you heard about the saying that single men are attracted to women who laughs at their jokes?

Psyche-wise, I think this has something to do with the partner “appreciating” the other. This is something I interpreted from a brief love-and-lust seminar yesterday by  Dra. Margarita-Holmes via Menarini. Laughing at the jokes of your partner can be a “form of appreciation” of the other’s effort. Whether the joke is actually funny or not, is debatable, however. 🙂

Seat For Two
Seats For Two

Jokes That Hurt

Anyhow, going back to the main concern, have you experienced at least once in your relationship where a habitually joking husband hit a sensitive topic at one time where the wife got offended?

To our ‘wife‘ readers, can you remember one particular joke of your husband which you did not find funny, but rather offensive? To our ‘husband’ readers, what did you do when this happened?

As a husband myself, I guess the guys do this as a form of ‘tease’ to their wives – not to irritate them, but just because. 🙂

I’ve seen some memes on Facebook as well where husbands declaring their love for their wife implying that “nakatagpo na sila ng kukulitin panghabang-buhay at mamamhalin parin sila (they have finally found someone they can annoy for the rest of their life but love them nonetheless)“.

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As you might have guessed, I think I am one of the husbands who loves to tease their wife.

Those who are close to me and know me well will certainly have their brows crossed by now. I’m not a funny guy in public and is pretty much more sensitive to other people’s sensibilities. For some unknown reason even to myself, I’m the complete opposite with my wife. Perhaps this is the real me, without any walls.

And being a couple for more than a year without kids, I tend to unconsciously “joke” with her a lot including sensitive jokes which can go overboard at times and lead to hurt feelings.

What can you advise to me on how to handle such situations? 🙂

Jonel Uy

Jonel Uy is the hubby in the SeatForTwo.com tandem. Hailing from UP Diliman with a degree in Computer Science, he is also the Managing Director of #DigitalCircles.asia engaging and amplifying social media campaigns for brands. On Mondays, he teaches information technology classes at a local college.

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