Considering Pre-Fab Homes with Aluform

We are currently living in an apartment we rent from a relative. Being a young new couple, we have thought about getting our new home in the future – the one we could call our own.

Seats For Two
Seats For Two

With today’s modern technology, there are now more options beyond the traditional way of building one’s house; this includes the trend in using pre-fab (pre-fabricated) materials which offer faster construction and in a more affordable package.

Seats For Two was invited yesterday in a simple press conference at Jade Garden compound along Ortigas Avenue near the corner of Boni Serrano in San Juan City. The venue was a two story house with a total floor area of about 135 square meters. It is a model unit of a pre-fab home.

They introduced to us their company called Aluform and what they do. They also explained the intricacies of running a business promoting pre-fab homes.

Aluform Model House Unit
Aluform Model House Unit in Ortigas

Understanding Pre-Fab Homes

But what comes to your mind when you hear the word “pre-fab home”? You may think of low-cost houses similar to what the government puts up for mass housing. Today, it can become a trendy modular home.

We have included parts of the press release below for your informations:

Pre-fab Home
Pre-fab Home

Pre-fab homes today are practically custom-built, beautifully designed, sturdy, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and ready to meet the challenges posed by the elements. New homes that use this fast and flexible building technique have also been hailed for using sustainable, recycled, low-energy materials and fixtures that result in functional, space-efficient, eco-friendly design.

Aluform PreFab Construction and Consultancy, makers of office buildings and technoparks, has brought stylish modular housing to the Philippines to meet the needs of young families, investment-seekers and upwardly mobile professionals

Classy looking and stylish, Aluform Pre-Fabricated Homes come in two designs: Country and Zen. Both are airy, with their respective charm and appeal, are spacious and energy efficient, and make good use of available light and ventilation to lower energy bills by as much as 20%. The energy savings of up to 20% is due to good insulating roof and wall materials, plus sufficient air ventilation that keeps the stylish home in a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius zone at high noon!

The façade is made of wood-like planks of finished materials, while the actual panels are reinforced with pre-cast concrete filled with insulation materials for total thermal, moisture and acoustic protection…. Designed for both luxury and function, strategically placed windows and doors allow natural light to enter the home. The windows use a certified double-glazed system that insulates the house from external noise and other kinds of pollution. Louver features below the roof keep the ceiling well ventilated at all times.

Built to withstand the elements, Aluform Pre-Fabricated Homes are easier to put up than conventional on-site constructions. One can have a home built in 60 days or less that is immediately livable because furnishings are already in place within that period. Highly versatile, they are also good for export and are transferrable to other locations in the future, if desired.

Aluform Pre-Fab Homes are highly desirable during these times when more and more families and individuals lead an active lifestyle and are discovering their entrepreneurial spirit [with the] ‘live and earn’ [concept]”. There are infinite possibilities,” says Ritchie Catalan, Marketing Officer of Aluform Industries, Inc.

Aluform Industries, Inc. supplies the materials for the homes but would-be owners can engage their own contractors if preferred. They can also avail of Aluform’s services for the house construction.

For more information and dealership inquiries, call (0917) 828-8189 and (0917) 891-1088. Or email

Model House Bedroom
Model House Bedroom
Kitchen Area
Kitchen Area
Christmas Party inside the house? 🙂 of Seats For Two
Living Room
Living Room

I should say the concept is promising, to say the least. A 135 sqm two-floor house with lanai area for about P3.5 million is a good deal. Add to that the lot which you may have acquired through inheritance and you’re on your way to your first home. 🙂  Compare that to a condominium of about 40 sqm with one bedroom at the same price.

But honestly, we are new to the idea of pre-fab homes. I believe our dream home, aside form being cost-efficient, should also be durable and of quality. Aluform assured us that although they use pre-fab materials, they provide quality products and services. They also offer a 10-year warranty for the quality of their pre-fab products.

But of course, intelligent customers and would-be-buyers should always take advise with a grain of salt and not be lazy to do their own assignments. After all, it is their house, their home.

Business Model Setup
Jack’s Diner as a Business Model Setup
Aluform Officials
Aluform Officers Outside the Model House Unit

As for Seats For Two, I guess we will eventually be dealing with this concerns not too far down the road. I guess this is a sign that we should look at our options as early as now, don’t you think?


How about you, what are your thoughts about pre-fab homes and pre-fabricated materials? Do you live in one? What do you recommend?

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