Our First Sofabed

Jonel and I have been married a little over a year now. In fact, we just celebrated our first anniversary a month ago in Panglao, Bohol

Our old sala set
Our old sala set

As a young couple filling our new home, we bought our first sofa set from a local shop early last year. We got ourselves a classic – a narra-wood sofa.

Completing our Living Room

This year, we decided to give our living room a face lift.

Fronting our sofa are two new low-rise wooden cabinets and a painting. We purchased them recently from SM’s Home World during a sale. Next in our to -do list it to update our sofa set as well.

Hubby and I discussed that this time, we’re going to try a classic but with a hint of modern design as he usually prefers. Of course quality is of prime factor but we are now conscious with the aesthetics as well.

Painting & Wooden Cabinet
Painting & Wooden Cabinet

Innovation At DesignPod Greenhills

DesignPod in Greenhills
DesignPod in Greenhills

When it comes to design, my hubby wants it modern minimalist while I prefer the old school. So when we came across a simple but beautiful sofa we saw from DesignPod in Greenhills, San Juan, it was love at first sight. 🙂

Under the Innovation Denmark brand, it’s called a Dublexo Sofabed in Olive Begum color, which is basically more like grey to me. However, with a pricetag of P65,000 (US$1650), hubby needed a little more convincing.

It’s good thing that Innovation Denmark has a lifetime warranty on the mechanism; so after a little more prodding and justification, he eventually concurred. 🙂

The Mock-Up

Furniture Delivery
Morning Furniture Delivery

As a final decision breaker, we both agreed to request for a mock-up at our house a few days ago. This is a service provided by Living Space Home Furnishings, the exclusive importers of Innovation Denmark sofa beds in the Philippines, for free.

The day came and the delivery was made in the morning. So they had to move our old narra sofa out and placed the new one.

To help us in the mock-up, Living Space’s in-house interior designer brought furniture accents suited for the Dublexo sofabed.

Other furniture from Living Space
Other furniture from Living Space

They were the following:

  • Gus* Ossington Coffee Table
  • Gus* End Table in Walnut with Black Frame End Table
  • Innovation Denmark Club Chair in Gravel

To our own surprise, we found the other furniture just as appealing. We are now also considering some of the furniture accents too!

Innovation Denmark Club Chair in Gravel
Innovation Denmark Club Chair in Gravel
Gus Ossington Coffee Table
Gus* Ossington Coffee Table being unpacked 

We didn’t notice at first but the Club Chair , also from Innovation, complemented well with the Innovation Sofabed. And since they’re both in the shade of grey, it’s as if they came as a set. 🙂

We love the center coffee table from Gus* the most, actually. The wooden touch, or more specifically ‘walnut color‘, went well with the sofabed and our ivory-painted walls. It’s modern design which combined functionality and pizzazz was really a tempting offer. We’re seriously considering it to the extent that I think we’ll buy it next….but maybe a few months from now, when more budget is at hand and if hubby approves. 🙂

Here now are a number of photos we had of the setup with the Innovation Sofabed and other furniture from LivingSpace:

Innovation Denmark Dublexo Sofabed
Innovation Denmark’s Dublexo Sofabed (back)
husband & wife Jonel & Marjorie
with husband & wife Jonel & Marjorie 
Back View of the Sofabed
Back View of the Sofabed

From Sofa to Sofabed

The concept of a a sofabed was also new to us. We were only looking for a new sofa at first. But when we saw Innovation Denmark as a bed and sofa in one,  we didn’t mind having its multi-functionality into becoming a bed when needed. It can work like an extra-bed when we have sudden house-guests who wouldn’t mind spending the night at the living room.

Or on nights when I don’t want him beside me in bed, he can stay here. 😛

Folding into a Bed
Folding into a Bed
Front View, folded
Front View, folded
Top View, folded
Top View, folded
I also like the quality and durable steel based of the sofabed as seen from this photo on side view
I also like the quality and durable steel based of the sofabed as seen from this photo on side view
An Awesome Living Room
My beautiful living room 

The Purchase

The Innovation Sofabed  fits our Living Room
The Innovation Sofabed fits our Living Room

We are sure thankful that we had the mock-up. It helped us make sure that we really wanted the product and if it did fit the living room nice and well. So I guess the next thing to do is actually buy the Innovation sofa bed.

We intend to pass by Living Space‘s Designpod in Greenhills next week and make the actual purchase. 65K is no easy money so we’ll use a combination of my husband’s new Metrobank Prepaid-Card and his Citibank credit card on a monthly installment basis.

Now, all we need is a Samsung Smart TV to really complete our living room. That might just come sooner than expected though. Stay tuned as well share with you our hunt for the perfect Smart TV that will also go well with the rest of our furniture.

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